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Instead of calling me names, tell me where exactly you think I was insensitive. Being constructive and not just insulting will get you a lot more in life.

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VTech is in our prayers!

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No? Thats the final paragraph from "The Final Inspection". Why would you automatically assume I'm saying SLP is hell? There are much worse cities out there than that community.

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Rest in peace brother.

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And I'm not disrespecting security. I remember the Brookdale Mall guys, most those guys were hard core. MOA? You guys got some awesome security officers too. But I'm saying that its still apples and oranges to compare cops to security. You said it yourself, you go through "training". Cops go through 3 years of college education (including the year of skills). Its still security v cop.

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Who are you talking to?

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Of course the county would be this way. Phoo phoo for all the soul sucking, resource wasting bums sitting around wasting attention on themselves, thats all Hennepin County does for anyone who isn't a value to the community.

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Overpaid? You think cops are OVERpaid? Most police departments in MN start anywhere from about $32K to $42K. Policing is a 24/7/365 job. They don't get holidays off. They work that ****ty shift on overnights when its -20* here in MN and your laying in your warm bed sleeping. They are getting spit on, feces thrown at, cursed at, threatened and are expected to take it without batting an eye.

Private security is just that. Private security. Most security officers/guards are not even licensed and there is no schooling involved unlike for police officers where a two year degree is actually three years because of skills. Most don't carry a gun. Lots of them don't even wear vests. So, no, of course they are not going to get paid as much. I don't see where your logic is in comparing the two. Its like comparing apples to oranges or burger flippers to white collars.

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Rest in peace. Hero's live forever brother.

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This is news? For real? Do you at KSTP realize that this is true for just about EVERY SINGLE POLICE opening out there? Good grief. Wow. How about Brooklyn Park? They get a crap load. Minnetonka? Anoka? MINNEAPOLIS? Any big city out there, including small towns even. There's triple digit entries for 1 position in just about every process. Hastings is no exception and no surprise.

The skills program keeps popping out huge classes of candidates every few months. Including ones who shouldn't be qualified but the head honcho's keep passing them through.

Ok, #offmysoapbox