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Mr. Nolte isn't politicizing the review. Any rational person can see that Cameron has politicized the movie. When I read the plot summary a while back, I knew immediately what Cameron was trying to get at - I didn't just now pick it up from reading this review. This looks like a gigantic snore-fest. Everything sounds incredibly generic, from the designs of the Na'Vi, to the plot. Anyone that actually believes this movie is great needs to have some sense knocked into them.

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Thanks for proving me right, Michael Bay. All sex jokes, no substance.

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I can't say I'm surprised. The concept is ridiculous, and it seems it doesn't work very well. The trailer wasn't exciting at all, it just reminded me of things that had been done better elsewhere.

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Thank God. I didn't want to see a Leonardo DiCaprio/American cast.

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Waiting for the Hugh Jackman casting announcement.

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Loved Kung-Fu Hustle, and the best part of CJ7 was when the scene where it took everything right from KFH. I didn't like CJ7 that much, but a lot of the humor comes from the insane things that are shown on screen with live action (Chow kicking off of the eagle), which is normal to see in animated works.

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Gran Torino - Buying that, with great haste.

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Saw this for $29 at my local Target a week after Christmas...Why oh why did I not buy it?

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From Don Murphy's thoughts, it seems like they just threw random Transformers into the movie to give it a larger scale; which upsets me. Also, I was hoping they'd name the different Constructicons on screen, and what's up with them re-using them after Devastator has already formed, and no explanation for Blackout? Welker only getting a few lines? The Twins always sounded lame. Coolest part in the trailer was when Mudflap was getting sucked in by Devastator. This leads me to believe that again, they have forsaken plot and character development for stupidity. I guess we're never going to get a Transformers movie with an emphasis on the Transformers, Bay needs sex jokes.

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I was just thinking the other day when more Toy Story 3 information was released, that the only sequels I would like to see would be one for The Incredibles, as that is still my favorite Pixar film next to Monsters Inc. However, I don't think there should be a sequel to Monsters Inc. Cars was bad, and it was already bad enough that they were creating a sequel to it. I like Toy Story, but again, same thing with Monsters Inc. I was just arguing with my friend earlier about how Pixar is beginning to make sequels because they don't have to do as much work, and can easily cash out.