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I was just thinking about that poster today (or at least the massive vector of it). Wasn't there something about the two characters in the hot air ballon? For some reason they removed them from the ultra high rez version. I wonder why they did that?

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I think that it is a "sync issue" between worlds, one world has a Sunset Shimmer the other doesn't.

Luna and Celestia are just in charge of a high school. Who is the mayor of the town? An EQG Mayor Mare? So in the EQG universe Mayor Mare has more authority than the equivalents of Celestia and Luna.

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I'm gonna guess that she did a "really" good job at hiding her identity that it was hidden even in her orgin stories.

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Fic updates always seem to come in waves.

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I'm more surprised that we didn't see this sooner. I have already seen Answerer (from Armored Core For Answer) and a scale model of the Titanic made in the game.

Oh and Space Engineers is a really great game by the way.

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I am okay with that ship.

What's odd though is that Lyra is the one that the fandom regards as into humans.

That being said, what's even more odd is nearly every HiE fic that has Spitfire in it, she is attracted to or in the very least a bit flirty with humans.

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A pony version of Walfas create.swf
The current pony creator doesn't even hold a candle to it.

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Payday 2, lots of Payday 2.

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A little late to this but I wrote something about this a long time ago....

One thing that I have seen is that the EQG Rainbow Dash doesn't seem to have pony Dash's insecurities.

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A story around Celestia and/or Luna would be nice....the CMC would also be nice as well. The Mane 6's parents would be good too. Seeing Sunset Shimmer would also be pleasant.... so many good things they could do with this.