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I approve of Pinkie Kirby.

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Misty's texture pack made it on!?



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I too saw the top comment.

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I'm disappointed by the lack of baked pies.

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And day after day, the Roundups will come, earlier and earlier, until there is a time when roundups will infinitely generate within matters of mere seconds, engulfing the world in a vortex of Ponies.

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I thought that a was once again, gone. It seemed like a passing trend that would die out eventually and cease to exist among the many songs, stories, and other sources of brony creation. It astonishes me that it continues to strive, similar to those background ponies we have come to love.

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"Not even a can stand before her literary might" - pre-reader who likes sky pirates.

Did you... just bad-mouth a? The best author/story/song/everything ever? This story better be fantastic.

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I don't really care about the Alicorn history and whatnot, I'm just upset that Twilight will now be able to fly, taking away what was special about the rest of the mane six in the first place. They've basically taken away the diversity of it.

Now, I'm a fanfic writer, but that doesn't mean I have to change Twilight at all. They're MY stories, and they're yours too. Do whatever the hell you want.

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Is there a link to each one? I'd like to spend more than enough time on each.