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911 - "911, this is Mary, whats the emergency?"

WreckedUm - "uh, hi.. my wife um.. fell.. down the stairs while doing laundry and shes not moving!"

911 - " *sigh* Sir, is your wife pregnant?"

WreckedUm - "...yes, how did you know?"

911 - "Sir, so by fell down the stairs you mean "fell" correct?"

WreckedUm - "What is that supose to mean?"

911 - "I am just trying to figure out if I should notify the paramedics or police"

WreckedUm- "are you trying to insinuate that i pushed her?!?"

911 - " *sigh* Is the basket of clothes under her or on top of her, sir?

WreckedUm "well if she fell carrying it down the stairs the correct answer would be under her right?... right?!"

911 - "yes sir, would you like to hang up and call me back in 5 minutes?"

The moral of the story....plan ahead.... premeditated is the way to go.