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Hopefully there will not be any immigrants in Britain nor elites, in the not too distant future.

They do keep pushing this compulsory donor idea.

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Look Sarkozy, why the hell would I want to breed with these sub-species lowering the IQ of the offspring, likely worsening their health and weakening their immune systems.

Nature determines what attracts me to form a bond. Nature dictates what is best for the offspring. Cross breeding is not the best way. A mule is the offspring of a donkey and a horse. It may well function well as a beast of burden, but cannot reproduce. Perhaps we are being turned into merely beasts of burden.

It is my responsibility to reproduce with a partner that gives the best offspring. If we fail to do this nature will wipe us out. Perhaps if white men start behaving like men their sperm count might stop going down.

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UKIP are not the answer, more like part of the problem, as enough people are fooled, splitting the vote. Perhaps that is the plan.

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Interesting, and worrying, I must have missed that one.

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Too right.

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The future for Britain is not talking, is not writing, but war. A war fought by the genuine British against the invaders currently abusing our land and our people. We will be few the enemy will be many. We will suffer much loss of life before reaching victory over the invader.

Our country will be ash and rubble, but from this we will build the Greatest Britain yet. It will be the Greatest not because of the war, not because of the destruction, but because we will be rid of the cause of our problems and the problems themselves. No longer will the idle and incompetent rule psychotically over us, via a fake democracy and corrupt Parliament, as they shall be gone.

Prepare yourselves for the extinction of this fake democracy that we are currently being excluded from. Prepare yourselves for the worst, bloodiest, war the World has ever seen. The numbers involved will equate to starvation and disease, as well as massive death from war. When the drinking water is gone be prepared to drink from streams and puddles. When the food has gone be prepared to cook and eat the enemy, as we must survive in order to win.

But win we must.

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Yes, I have noticed the distinct smell of Marxism coming out of the Vatican of late. Perhaps we may have to stop using the phrase, “is the Pope a Catholic”. Either willingly or under duress he has taken quite different and seemingly un-Catholic positions on a number of issues.

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Please may I be excused, I feel sick. That picture, my eyes, go away you God hating fudge packers.

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Homogeneous (same race) relationship or nothing as far as I am concerned. I will not play a part breeding white people out of existence.

Birds don’t do it, Bees don’t do it, even educated Fleas don’t do it, why should we?

(With apologies to Cole Porter)

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Yes and "rigorous scientific examination" has in part become political scientific examination and approval.