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I'm going to miss Intense Debate... I like it's format way more than what I've seen of disqus. Maybe it'll grow on me after a while though, who knows?

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Well honestly they probably try to look young and act to try and keep their image. Of course I'm sure some of them work hard to stay fit and healthy but some of it is due to makeup and other forms of "movie magic" as many call it.

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You can definitely give up on videogames and shows if you really want to but admittedly I think it's a little silly to think that the style of cartoons or games you like is dying forever and that you will quit them forever at an arbitrary date. Entertainment, like a lot of things, goes through cycles and even if what you like is a little less popular for some time it's pretty likely to have a resurgence later.

You seem to dislike a lot of the mature AAA games (which I definitely understand and agree in some of the cases you mentioned) but quite frankly those titles seem to be in decline at the moment. Platformers and action adventures (those seem to be the titles you enjoy based on your list) may not be as common on consoles besides Nintendo's but they are not even close to dead. There been a ton of them made by indie developers and I would recommend checking them out on Steam or some other services. I haven't seen what Nintendo announced myself even if I love Nintendo (been busy) but I doubt they will stop their main franchises and promotion of innovation will die even if they're going for a more powerful tradtional console from what I've heard of rumors.

As for cartoons... I'm not entirely sure what you like for them but the popular style of cartoons changes all the time and I guarantee stuff you like will come around and probably become really popular again. Part of it just might be getting older and that you might not like the style or humor of some cartoons or might just be more picky on the quality now. I think it's a little unrealistic to think that you'll be watching the same amount of cartoons now as when you were seven years old. I personally like a lot of the cartoons that have started lately (~2010) and think animation has had a bit of a renaissance here in the US. Even so, I have a lot going on now that I'm in my 20's and I can't watch the same amount as when I was a kid when I would give just about anything animated a shot.

Whatever you end up doing I wish the best for you =D.

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I definitely didn't hate it but I was admittedly disappointed that it was a crossover with PPG (even if I really liked that show) because it certainly wasn't advertised to be that. Even so, it was awesome to see a big project actually get finished and it was cool that it was actually allowed by Hasbro.

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Probably because or Darth Vader. The sound of his breathing is a very distinctive sound associated with the original trilogy after all.

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Yep, anyone is welcome to join if they want to!

Don't worry if you think you're the only guy into the show or the fandom. Surveys and studies have shown that a rather large majority (Somewhere around 80% but can't confirm myself atm, search bronystudy if you're curious) of active participants online or offline events such as meetups or conventions are male. I'm pretty sure the difference between male and female fans has reduced since I last looked at the studies but it's probably still mostly males who are active in the fandom.

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If you haven't watched the Equestria Girls movies before I'd recommend giving Rainbow Rocks and Friendship Games a shot even if you aren't too impressed with the first one. The first one isn't bad or anything but the later ones have a lot more effort put into them I would say and are better at being their own thing even if they have the pony name on them. You can watch them all on Netflix too if you have access to it.

As for New Years movies I'd recommend anything you have shared interest in with your friends or just something funny or hilariously bad at that you can enjoy or make fun of together.

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Not really. It'll be around for quite a while even if the series ends after the movie. There's still fandoms for shows that have been off the air for 10+years and I doubt that too many of them had the amount of activity MLP:FiM has had when it was still on the air. There's too much content, activity, and still multiple conventions in this fandom, even during hiatuses, for it to go away so soon. And if generation 5 is any good there might be a bit of a resurgence too.

Sure, it's not as new, trendy, and exciting as it was when I first got into the show in the summer of 2011 but I actually kind of like that the fandom and its critics have settled down a bit personally. The bandwagon "cool new trend" fans are pretty obnoxious generally so I'm kind of glad to have seen them go. And yeah, there's a lot of casual or seasonal fans who are active when the show is airing or just certain parts of the year but that's how it is for pretty much any fandom anyway.

There's still many people who are just now discovering the show and will get into the fandom later. It's not as frequent because it isn't as trendy but it's still new for many. Some of those people lurk for a while before they get active and some of the new fans are the target demographic who get involved in fandom activities as they get older. As weird as it may seem for some of us older fans, there are those who have grown up with this show at this point.

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For all of human history before the invention of cell phones we survived without them. Sure, they can be great for an emergency but it's not the end of the world if you don't have one for a day. Plus, you can always borrow one from somebody or use a regular one if you really need to call someone.

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Yeah... I remember listening to some tapes of his stand up or something like that a lot during some trips and now I'm not sure I can ever listen to his material again considering what he has done. It's really sick what people will use their fame to do or try and get away with. I'm usually one who can enjoy somebody's work even if I dislike that particular artist or their views. However, this is one case where I don't think I can separate the two...