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“…more realistic views of the complex world we live in…”
Assuming Meghan understands the “complex world we live in,” you know, like the one where Rand’s argument is complex and brings up a completely valid point? That he realizes that government is intrusive and when given just a small amount of power they will do anything they can to have more? Hasn’t history taught us this? I won’t go into the details, since people have crucified the left far better than I can when the media is naïve enough to call Rand racist. I like Rand. He has this libertarian streak that I adore. Liberals like to call themselves progressives that fight for liberty, yet when given the chance to constrain what takes away people’s liberties (government), they all scream “EXTREMIST!” or, my favorite “ANTI-GOVERNMENT!” Oh wait, anti-government would be anarchism which is a left-wing ideology. Crap. I can write a 5,000 word comment elaborating on more points to be made…but seriously that is like way. too. much. effort. can we just talk about shoes, please? And twitter? And those fabulous triple expresso shot lattes that I just absolutely adore? Oh, or my tattoos! I’m trendy b****hesss!

Exit question for Meghan: Where was she when her bff Tila Tequila was snorting Ambien? Uh-ohs.

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I'm leaning towards Omar not being captured, but AP makes a good point when he says that Breitbart knows he would get a lot of crap from the left if this turned out to not be true, so Breitbart must trust that this is true. Hopefully, I'm wrong and Omar is in custody.

Even if this is true, however, I don't think Obama's numbers are going to go way up. A little boost-yes, but he isn't going to gain a huge amount, at least in my opinion. After two (thankfully) failed terrorist atttacks within 6 months, but terror attempts nonetheless, Americans don't think Obama is going to keep us safe, thus this will be a hollow victory for his numbers. Besides, if Omar is captured a) the Taliban is going to ramp up their attacks which spells trouble for Obambi on all fronts and b) how will they interrogate him? This could also do more damage to Obama's ratings. People were outraged when the Obama Administration decided to move terrorist trials to NYC as well as Mirandize the Christmas Day Bomber. And if Obama decides to bring Omar on U.S. soil he can kiss 2012 goodbye.

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Couldn't have said it better myself.

I think the libertarian movement gets a lot of crap from Republicans for being liberal on issues that are deemed "moral" issues, yet libertarians just want more personal freedom for individuals, rather than government making decisions. Nor do libertarians advocate certain religions, doesn't mean I'm anti-religion or that I'm not religious, just that I believe my religion is equally important to others.

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Well, shows you his idiocy. A lot of the Tea Partiers, including myself, lean libertarian or have started to lean libertarian having educating themselves on what occurs in government. In fact, I agree with several of his points, and I think many other Tea Partiers would too (like #7), yet he seems all over the board. Healthcare for all which forces government in your life since they want you to stay healthy so as to pay for you illnesses, yet personal responsibility? Peculiar little man.

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Andrew has indeed made it fun to be a conservative again.

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Been saying all along that I'm proud to be a tea bagger. Put it on my blog as well. The left really didn't think this nonsensical word through (not that they ever think anything through), but if we are the teabaggers, then THEY are the ones being teabagged. Guess who has the power? WE DO. Finally, somebody catches this and utilizes it. Good work, Breitbart and Nussbaum.

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I believe Monica was trying to make the point that the left has always been racist towards conservatives and we have more tangible evidence of this. I don't believe she is trying to insinuate that this is the first piece of evidence that the left is racist. In fact, when O'Keefe and Giles exposed ACORN's corruption, this wasn't to say that ACORN wasn't always corrupt nor was it saying that their tapes were the first evidence of corruption. There were many examples of ACORN being a corrupt organization with voter fraud being the most prevalent of their corrupt activities, BUT the O'Keefe videos "blew the lid off" the corruption of ACORN. I quote Monica Crowley's first sentence "In an blockbuster interview airing this weekend on my nationally syndicated radio show, a prominent black conservative blew the lid off the racism of the Left," so let's make it clear that Monica Crowley never intended for her post to act as if this is the first instance or the first piece of tangible evidence that the left is racist towards conservatives, rather let us treat this as something that hopefully gains traction to what the left has been doing for years: being racist hypocrites. Which party has the KKK affiliates? Which party has former KKK members? Does Robert Byrd and Al Gore, Sr. ring any bells?

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More like Alinsky.

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Not to mention that this movie pushes the evil isn't really evil meme. And Berkeley boys could surely protect this country (lol). At least it isn't a James Cameron flick.