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A quick thing that can tell you the big news in a minute for those that don't want to spend time reading and sifting...

I approve. This shall continue.

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I think I may be a bit old for this, or may get away with it for one more year. Either way, the idea seems fun.

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either testing number of views a post gets at a given time, or setting posts to go up in advance is my guess.

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Thanks for finding that. Now to get to work!

... after a quick nap for inspiration!

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This might actually be fun. What are the rules again so that I don't need to dive through past posts? Can't even use a tag-check since all 3 are pretty common.

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I tried that. Didn't work.

If it's any consolation, the link placed in the eqd post is ALMOST dvd quality.

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Don't worry, I'll keep it going for now. And I'll only take 20% of all the cents given.

... didn't mean that number, but sticking to it.

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I understand not being thrilled about the character design, i'm sceptical, too. But the characters in the normal show are different than any other as well. The main focus is the characterization, story, and animation. DHX has proven to be excelent in this regard, so i say stop being cynical, and thank them for being so tightly knit with the fandom.

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Look at the crown they toss... And the crowns in the pictures...

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nah, he just did high-level maths that turn 6 into 20. It's stuff you need a masters in engineering and 5 lifetimes of experience to get the concept.

Because as we all know, Seth doesn't make mistakes.