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Um - did anyone ever consider the Chinese vaccines? I understand these were derived via the traditional method of using inactivated virus & so far (excluding the selective biased reporting from west media) their results are better than the lesser trialled mRNA types. Or is it just because they are 'Chinese' that perish the thought of even considering their use?

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Likewise - there is a growing number of Youtubers highlighting the double standards & even countering reports from the west MSM like the BBC. Not only on HK issues but about China generally (Xinjiang, Taiwan, etc).
Eg: Daniel Dumbrill, Cyrus Janssen, Nathan Rich.
One high profile HK billionaire Jimmy Lai (Apple Daily) has also been taken to task by a group of local HKers FRIDAYEVERYDAY ~ The Untold Story of Apple Daily.

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There's also a BBC Soundcloud series, publicised by Vanessa Beeley on le M 'Intrigue' but I've not had the chance to listen:

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Well put.

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I just heard a rumour that Andre has been found dead in suspicious circumstances in his car (in Instanbul?). Pls let it be that this rumour of his death is greatly exaggerated.

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Ryan Dawson also has an interesting & credible take on this:

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Isn't there a not-so-hidden agenda with Trump withdrawing from the WHO? Any subsequent investigation on the international collaboration on virus research has a strong likelihood of pointing more towards the US than China especially when the Wuhan centre recently claimed that they were not involved in any CV19 type researtch work in the first place [but I have no way of verifying this claim - can anyone shed more light on this?] This neatly puts the US labs out of bounds from further enquiry, vaping symptons, etc

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Intense - my bad. I had the pleasure of having several Libyan friends at uni back in the early '70s. It was they who made me aware of the Palestinian issue [I NEVER knew their side, relying on western news like The Times & BBC] & also explained they were urbanised Berbers. The recent hardships of the Bedouins in original Palestine were whom I was thinking of. Lazy conflation on my part to mix up the two.
The gathering of 20k to 200k is not untypical for nomads, so I'm not sure what you're getting at here. The urbanised folk most likely attend as well to meet up with friends & family.
In a way, it disproves your point that the PRC is trying to suppress them & their culture.
They have privileges as a minority, such as not being subject to the one-child policy, & being able to learn the true teachings in the Koran, instead of jihad in the wahabi madrasas, so say their elders [but then you'll probably say 'Ah, they've been got at by the PRC].
On the different thread, a while ago, I actually raised the issue, that the Uighurs were being suppressed &over-run by the Han & I was surprised by a number of replies, purporting to be from people living in that region disputing this [but I have no way of knowing how genuine these were]. The upshot was I looked into it further when I had the time & came across other posts, etc supporting this viewpoint. A sample of which I'd posted earlier on this thread with you.
To repeat, the bottom line for me is that I'm getting disturbed by the concerted & co-ordinated MSM news about China Bad endlessly. I think it was Napolean who said to leave China be, lest we awake the sleeping giant.
I guess it's a bit late for that now. Knowing what they've been through over the centuries & the inglorious skulduggery from the Opium wars onwards, it seems that they've finally cottoned on to how capitalism works.
But USA & bitches don't like it cos they are being beaten at their own game. I'm just speaking up for them as whatever the PRC says, they're damned either way.
I do understand your anger at the loss of tribal as well as nomadic life, but again, it's like standing at water's edge at low tide, not thinking the rising waters will flow around you.
If you're any way interested in English folk music, check out Ralph McTell's First & Last Man. I've had the pleasure of seeing him several times in the 70s & he wrote this song in recognition of the 'noble savage' & ending with a forlorn plea.

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Intense - you're being pedantic. Of course the Berbers range right across N Africa, but they extend through Palestine, Syria, etc., around the region bordering the Med. I was thinking about those suffering same, esp in the hands of the Zionists & their version of the great wall.
It's all very well being romantic & hippy about the noble savage, but the world hasn't been like that since the invention of steam power.
Oh the irony - it was China that chose not to have any dealings with the western 'barbarians', being perfectly self contained, thank you. Now, after years of abuse, rape, plunder, etc, that they're playing the western capitalist game, Trump & his bitches wanna take the ball home. Bwah.
It's not either 1 or 0 and these people have been caught up in the struggle between #1 & #2 global powers, with the mighty MSM ranged vs. #2.
It was this that originally brought me to comment on your initial post, specifically on the gas lighting going on, with the virus as catalyst.

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goneagain - I'm rather hopeful in the younger generation like Max Blumenthal & his mates at Grayzone + Moderate Rebels but it's going to be an uphill struggle, with Google, Youtube etc de-monetising everything that doesn't fit the official narrative. It'll be difficult to match Pliger's reach for sure.
In case you're unaware of them I'd like to give a shout out to Adam Green of Know More News, Jake Morphonious of Blackstone Intelligence, Ryan Dawson, Kim Iverson & a bunch of furriners living in China who have taken time out to push back on the growing official & co-ordinated narrative on 'China Bad' which I find disturbing, viz: Daniel Dumbrill & Nathan Rich as my top two.
Here's a sample link of an impending podcast:
All the best.