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The Left has become so good at demonizing ANY effort to cut taxes for people who actually have enough money to start up and/or grow a business, that I think it's time to start a movement based around one slogan:


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I would love to see someone design a printable flyer/poster listing the 9 Principles & 12 Values, and post it on this website in a downloadable .pdf file. We could print them out and post them in appropriate places. We could mail them to our representatives' offices, with letters explaining why we expect them to govern based on the 9 & 12. We could put them up where our children and grandchildren would see them every day. I'd do it myself, but I'm graphically challenged.

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I am a child of the 60's (born in '60). I remember the assasinations (JFK's is a little fuzzy, but I remember vividly the rest). My 3 oldest brothers served in the Army in Viet Nam, and by the grace of God (and my mother on her knees, morning and night, praying for them), they all returned from their tours of duty, free of any physical scars. I remember Nixon & Watergate, Carter and the "misery index," Ronald Reagan's hope and optimism, and the difference in our country and the economy from the time that he took office and when he left. Glenn said it today on radio and TV: unless you're in your mid-40's or older, you've never known the kind of hard times most people my age faced as we entered our adult years. I pray that if we must face similar--or even worse--economic times, that we will find strength in our Creator and in each other. The principles and values are a great way to get back to basics! Let's channel our anger at what's happening to our country into positive and constructive ways to effect change. This is my first post here, but it won't be my last!