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If Novichuk is as dangerous as everyone says, why have those who have been poisoned (allegedly) by it not died? Am I missing something here or is it all a steaming pile of bovine excrement?

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I was proud to step into the voting booth and write in "none of the above" for president.

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Dave may be a liar, but he is a rich liar I'll bet. Remember, the love of money is the root of all evil. Too bad the average American has been dumbed down to the point that the lie has become the truth and the truth has become a lie. RT says "question more" and corporate media says no need to question, you know we won't lie to you. At least GWB was tried in absentia and convicted of war crimes and crimes against humanity and he is stuck here in America, because there is a warrant out for his arrest in the real world.

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The rich don't care who you vote for as long as they get to pick who you vote for. It was Hillary in 2016 and Biden in 2020. I plan to vote early for down ballot politicians, but I will write in "none of the above" for president. Even the green party gave us a loser in Howie Hawkins. Nothing will change until people wake up and stop voting. As long as you vote, they have you by the balls.

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The only answer I can see is tax the rich at least 70% and raise the minimum wage to $15. $18 would be better. There is absolutely no reason for 1 man to be worth 200 billion dollars in a country where 30 million live in poverty. Take us back to the 50s and 60s where CEO made 25 times more than their average worker. Again, no reason for these greedy psychopaths to make 250 to 300 times their average workers pay. Make lobbying (bribery) illegal like other countries. We the people elect congress, they should work for us, not Wall Street. Then again, if the world doesn't wake up to the climate crises, we won't be around much longer anyway.

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I am now in my mid 70s and no longer fight for myself, but for my two young grand daughters who will be forced to live through the hell that is coming from the greedy capitalists that run America. I have long shed the brainwashing of Christianity and their holy book of fiction. I will vote down ballot this year in hopes of sending the evil John Cornyn back to Texas, but will be writing in "none of the above" for president. I can't bring myself to vote for either of the dottering old fools chosen by the corporate parties.

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Now if we can just get rid of the old outdated espionage act that has been used against whistle blowers like Julian Assange and so many others, maybe more reporters will be able to tell the truth without the fear of reprisals. In an empire of lies, the truth becomes treason.

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I get all my TV news on RT. Most is way above corporate MSM. I refuse to watch Steve Malzberg. I watch Rick Sanchez, Tyrel and Jessie Ventura, Lee Camp, Mike Pappantonio and Chris Hedges. I have noticed that the comments seem to be getting a lot more trolls. Steve Malzberg is a typical RWNJ and Trump loving scumbag. He only spews feces when he opens his mouth, but RT is fair and balanced in that respect. The only country I fear is mine. America is and has always been evil. We love to kill for greed. Even our Christians aren't really Christians.

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I have voted Libertarian in every election since Nixon's second run. As a qualified Navy submariner, I did vote for Carter. I have watched Howie Hawkins interviews on several Youtube channels. I would have voted for Dario Hunter, but won't vote for Howie. I need to check out Dr Jo Jorgenson, but will probably vote down ballot and write in either Gov. Jesse Ventura or none of the above.