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I have read about plenty of Muslims who discourage this type of behavior and I have seen many of them interviewed. I cannot open your link. I disagree with Shariah law, and you seem to think Shariah is fine. That is your personal decision. I am a female Christian, and would never want it forced on my family or country. I think people should worship as they see fit, but it should never be forced onto people. I'd love to know of when Christians or Jews have cut off the hands of thieves in recent history. People are fearful of Muslims because all of the suicide bombs we hear about are done by Muslims. Those who flew the planes into the twin towers were Muslim. Had they been Jewish people who were shouting "God is Great" or the Jewish equivalent, then I would guess that people would have somewhat of a fear of Jewish people. However, that is not the case. I think that our government needs to defend our country from radicals who seek to destroy it. I have a job, a family and a life, so I really cannot continue this circular discussion with you. I wish you the very best and thank you.

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Oh, and by the way, I learn more about the Muslim influence on world matters via papers like the Washington Times and The Daily Mail. You can't find much on the television about it, with the exception of the scant stories about the man who shot his daughters who were too "Americanized" or the man who owned an Arabic TV station and who beheaded his wife in Orchard Park NY (that WAS in the Buffalo newspaper when I lived there) because she was trying to divorce him, or how there are several camps on U.S. soil (one in ustate NY) that are reportedly teaching fanatic Muslims how to wage holy war here in the U.S. Other than that, just do a few searches and you'll find plenty on Shariah law and the United States Treasury and Englad's court system. But, you probably already know or would prefer not to see the bad side of it all. I do wish you the best, but people are just fast asleep on this one. If you are Muslim, then you ought to be discouraging this type of behavior, but based on your original response, I'm guessing you think it is okay. I just hope that you are not the Muslims who lives next door to me. They seem awfully nice to be thinking this way.

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I like the idea of cleaning toilets Roger! ...or sweeping parking lots. I think that you are on to something that could be done here, too. Perhaps in subways or airports here in the U.S. You know, I just found a site that features videos (memritv.org) of various things like stonings and executions that have happened in certain middle eastern countries, and I still say, it is harsh. They stoned a woman in Pakistan for being seen with a man, they executed a woman from behind when she least expected it, and they run a little boy's hand over with a truck because he stole something. It's just terrible. Pakistan is not a Christian country...it's Muslim, so one would assume that these things are happening because some tenet of the Muslim faith is being broken. I'm certainly not moving there.

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Sorry, but chopping off someone's hand for stealing chocolate is cruel. I can understand harsh punishment for rapists or murderers, but not for someone who steals chocolate. In addition, I don't care for how non-muslims are treated by some muslims in many Muslim countries. Christians are forced to pay much larger interest to their Muslim lenders, I believe that Shariah law demeans women and I don't care for the fact that it is being taught to those working in the finance business in our country. Christian workers who live here and work in Saudi Arabia are not allowed to wear crosses around their necks for fear of offending Muslims. I'm sorry, I just don't see the tolerance in that. I have Muslim neighbors and they are very nice, kind people, and I can understand why they moved AWAY from their home country. If a Muslim country would like to have Shariah law, then they can have it. Don't bring it to the United States. You may have your muslim view, and I'll keep my view, but thank you for your opinion. Absolutely NO SHARIAH law in the United States.

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This is true... The problem I see is that, when people question Shariah law, and raise concerns about it, they are simply marginalized (sp?), as though they are crazy and what they are saying has no merit. I do think that people need to wake up and understand what could potentially happen. I believe that it's in England where they are discussing allowing Shariah courts for Muslims; I'll have to check and see where it is for certain.

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That is just harsh. I believe in punishment fitting the crime, but I also like the Christian view of grace. ...so much for Islam being a religion of tolerance and peace. Let's hope that the goofy loons in DC don't allow Shariah law to take hold over here. They are so stupid and ignorant that they'd probably allow it here if they could. They are already teaching abou Shariah law in the Department of the Treasury. Shariah law is cruel, bigoted, mistreats women and mistreats those who are not Muslim (and even those who are, as is shown in this story).

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Ah, these are the same people who will be financially supporting the Ground Zero mosque. If they are given an inch, they will take over the U.S. Shariah law is apparently alive and well in Saudi Arabia, and it will come here if our ignorant politicians allow them to do so.

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I only wish that the fools running our country would allow some sense to be knocked into their thick communist heads and realize that state control of every thing (or just about anything) does not work. This is a great example of how capitalism WORKS. The Castros are ridiculous and can have Obama as their heir if they'd like, as long as he goes there.

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Don't the Dems have a majority? His yelling at Republicans is purely political because he really should be upset with those in his party since they alone could have passed it. This guy's ranting & raving would never fly in a private business; he'd lose his job immediately. If I were his new wife, I'd file for divorce. The NY politicians & taxes were a big reason we MOVED away recently. At least his name is fitting for his personality, though the spelling needs changed a bit. Wake up socialist state of NY before it's too late, though it probably already IS too late.

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This dope needs to cut spending! When times are bad, we cut spending in our family. We are very frugal, and have saved a lot of money. The government needs to try the same, but it's getting way too late.