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With all this subzero temperatures still around, does anyone think the stores now have their spring lines out for us to buy?

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These kids are growing up expecting to find their 15 minutes of fame. He did, so did the joker in Tuscon.
They grow up in a YouTube generation, and then figure they've got to try and be "the best" or "do the worst" thing to get the world's attention. So they try and kill more people, or do it in a weird way. Anything to get the media's attention. And innocent people are done in, at the time.
The country needs to grow up, realize that in some cases, their rights do not overweigh the rights of those who were killed. They get their day in court, but then it's enough. time to truly pay for their crimes.

I am amused by people who say a "civilized society" doesn't murder or kill people. Well, a civilized society wouldn't have murders or killers like these kids.

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he's just trying to map out his emotions......yuck! yuck!!

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The guy SAID he didn't want pickles.......

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" Officials said it’s rare that snowfall is great enough that they have to use the snow blower."

Where the heck have they been the past few years?? Tahiti?? Hawaii??
I seem to remember last year when the same blizzard snow existed for 3 months!!!!

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This shows that there can exist bad blood or "issues" with brothers for the rest of your life.

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Did you ever notice, that when you try to post something very supportive of Founding Fathers, it seems it always has to be "approved by site administrators".

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People often get their battles mixed up. Thinking a school dress code is big brother or loss of freedom. And yet, it's still a weird balance. Back in 60's, most schools had rules and regs for what you could wear, and it stuck. But in iowa in 1960's, there was a legal case that went all the way to supreme court. Some kids were wearing black arm bands to sybolize their protest against the Vietnam war. School officials told them to take the black bands off their arms. Eventually, the Supreme Court of the United States said that it was their right to freedom of speech to let them wear the arm bads, that they weren't that disruptive. So it was "6 of one; half dozen of another".

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Ahhhhh........anarchy is your god. Good for you. It'll keep you busy so I won't meet you. Thanks.