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Are you kidding!! Did you not read the news last week about the Iranian nuclear scientist that defected to America and told us Iran is building a bomb. You could also use the French, German, British, The latest US report and Saudi Arabia's intelligence to argue that Iran is building nuclear weapons. Who's propaganda are you listening to?

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All very true but we have freedom of religion in the US and our laws in no way shape or form should be based off the bible. I in no way would encourage you to change your religious beliefs or even think negatively of you for them. No citizen or government body of the US is or should be required by law to follow Gods teachings. Your post has nothing to do with this topic, just about the morality of homosexuality. While I disagree with the atheist definition of separation of church and state, forming a policy based solely on the word of God is unconstitutional and un-American. If you truly believe in God's teaching you’d know that the lord doesn’t want anyone to be forced to follow his words, he wants them to choose to follow his word.

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I said completely privately run armies again try to pay attention. What country had an army made up of JUST mercenaries or PMCs for modern times? Can you name one country that did not keep any solders under its direct command and exclusively hired mercenaries? If not you argument adds nothing to the discussion. Even if there was one that doesn’t address my main point though that PMCs are run more efficiently then government run armies.

Blackwater Those fellas did a bang up job slaughtering thousands of innocent civilians huh?"

Are you suggesting that our military hasn't slaughtered thousands of innocent civilians? Ever heard of native Americans? I'm sure you'd say our military slaughtered thousands in Iraq and Vietnam too. So your point about Blackwater doesn't make since both PMC's (like blackwater) and national armies have slaughtered innocent civilians how is one ok and the other not, using your words “you can’t have it both ways”. I’d bet you government run militaries have slaughtered way more civilians then PMCs have too.

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Really that is your argument and you really think you made some significant point? When has any government in history allowed their military to be completely privately run? Yes our government run military is better then every other government run military, but they’re all government run. We’re comparing privately run systems to government run systems, try to pay attention and keep up. Since there isn’t a completely privately run military out there then we really don’t have anything to compare to now do we? If you’re asking me if I’d rather be protected by an equally armed PMC over our regular military then yes I would (no offense to the men and women serving our country). Are you asking me do I think a PMC runs their operation more efficiently then our military then yes I do.

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Conservatives tried to reform social security. It would have been nice if liberals didn't get in the way of that especially considering the SS has started to collect on all those IOU's from the government. How long have conservatives tried to pass tort reform. Conservatives reformed the welfare system back when Clinton was in office. You should be honest, just because conservatives want to reform healthcare differently doesn't mean they would block "any form of reform for the foreseeable future".

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The US postal service works great. Public schools are better then private schools and cheaper too. Government workers are the most productive workers out there, I love going to the DMV. The US tax code is great. Okay so it's been shown over and over again that the government can't run things as good as the private sector but this time will be different really. After all it's not insane to try the same thing over and over again and expect different results.

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CNN's poll said 75% were opposed to Obamacare, although the poll is a little dated. Still when even CNN is forced to admit the majority of the public disagrees with the left you know the majority of the public really disagrees with the left

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Wow that was a helpful comment, thanks. Where is she, family members, foster home? Did she suffer injury? My point is you'd think the article would have mentioned the condition of the girl.

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I assume you don't drink at all, if you do then you're a drug user. How can anyone begin to suggest a mass killing of people just because they consume a drug. Not all drug users are as horrible as this woman, you're very small minded

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I think your solution is a little simplistic. If you could buy cocaine over the counter but you didn't have money for it couldn't you just sell your little girls body for some cash? I agree though that the prohibition on drugs has been a failed miserable and decriminalization should be given some serious consideration. To answer the question, no if you decriminalize drugs, drug use won’t sky rocket, most people don’t use drugs because they know how bad they are for you or how stupid it is to do them, not because it’s illegal besides it’s not the governments job to protect us from ourselves.