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It is very sad that Rand Paul has already jumped in bed with the "Open Borders Mafia" in Silicon Valley. Sad confirmation that Rand has SOLD OUT to those that are dead set on cheap labor, no matter that it means more Americans out of work. He had lost me early when he grabbed onto Mitch McConnell's pants legs. Now that he has been in the Senate for a while, he is morphing into one of the RINO's good ole boys. Sorry, Rand, we hardly knew ye'.

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Who can spot the STONER commenters in this string? What is sad and dangerous is that this is all reliably predictable, and theore facts and studies that prove legalization to have been a very bad idea, the more the deniers will object.

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The content of this piece, relating to the RINO-kissers Hume and Wallace, as well as the clinically afflicted narcissist O'Reilly, reveals just why I no longer watch the Fox News Channel - AT ALL.

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We will NOT again fall for the "banana in the tailpipe trick". PURGE the RINOs at any cost. They are no better than the neo-Communist demoncrats.

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The neo-feudalists in the international bankster community, and their partners - the members of the international press and the life-time government bureaucrats, know that the only way that they will reach their goal of world government, dominated by them, is to create a worldwide tax. They are trying this on several levels, most of them fronted by the eco-terrorists. If they get their hands on THE TAX TAP, they will establish themselves as the permanent ruling class, WITH THE REST OF US BECOMING THE NEW SERFS.

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The stinking hallmark of democrats. They continue to use our military and their families as PROPS for their own political needs. Showing up for a pre-announced photo op is NOT the equivalent of actually supporting our military and their missions.

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Who could have guessed that car sales would sink like a rock, after Obama has used up his "stash" in buying an unprecedented number of cars (government motors cars, of course) as he waits for his next TRILLION to re-charge his "walking around money".

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The Neo-Marxist gambit is well on its way. The clergy, now subsidized by the non-profits, swollen with taxpayer grants from the washington demoncrats, have sold out completely. The infiltration of church management is nearly complete.

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Moochelle made the mistake of trying to convince NASCAR to switch to BATTERY-CAR and race Obama Motors Volts on a downhill track.

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NOTHING good EVER came out of Illinois - especially Chicago.