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Even football and NASCAR teams walk by sight, not by faith.

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Mojoey, my thoughts are with you as you make this difficult journey. You're not alone.

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I'll keep thinking for all the slaves to dogma.

It's funny that you say you need no one to think for you, because I need no one to pray for me.

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I will think for you.

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This is absolutely unacceptable. I hope word spreads quickly and widely.

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This is very good news.

The Indiana Atheist Bus Campaign is still raising money, and hopefully they can place ads in other cities in my state.

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Blessed are the cheesemakers!

(It's not meant to be taken literally; it refers to the makers of any dairy product.)

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When Ray Comfort accepts evidences of evolution, I may have to convert to religion - because that'll be a sign of an apocalypse.

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Thank you for sharing your account, vjack. I realize that this may be painful for you to share publically. I have always been reticent about abortion, but it is stories like this which explain why I am still pro-choice.

Abstinence education is fraud. It should be evaluated like any other form of birth control. If you compared the number of times teenagers pledged to be abstinent and had sex anyway and got pregnant to the number of failures for other forms of birth control, abstinence education proponents could see what a joke their preferred method really is.

However, like most religious concepts, it's impossible for abstinence to fail you - you can only fail abstinence. How ridiculous - teenagers have all of these hormones in their bodies and yet the religious say that sex is a disgrace and shameful. So how did the sexual urges get there, people? Either God disagrees with you...or God had nothing to do with it.

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Do you 100,000 documents (not from the Bible) attesting to the fact that Jesus existed and did all the things proclaimed that he did in the Bible?

If not, then I guess we really can't have a conversation about Christianity, can we?