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You don't mind if I cover this, would you? XD

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Yes... Yes it does...

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Needs more Desu... Then you'll be Korean XD

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It's Miyuki Sawashiro...

*insert memetic Trixie phrase here*

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Holy crap Seth! New Record!

Hehehehe, see what I did there? "New Record" XD

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I'm from the UK and I have 6 brony friends that know next-to-nothing about the fandom... WHAT A COINCIDENCE!!

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Except when it sounds like "ay" as in neighbour or weigh...

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The reason why we love Luna can be summarized into the following points.

1.) Like Derpy, she is seen as a character with a "stigma" or "flaw" and thus we can sympathize with her plight. In this case, rather than being wall-eyed, she has to suffer the eternal trauma of repenting for the crimes she committed as a villainous alter ego, as well as having to contend with the social backlash because of it.

2.) Also like Derpy, Luna is not very adept at social activity and often has her best intentions misinterpreted into something completely different. Whilst Derpy's mistakes in this area often live up to her name, Luna's are treated quite a bit more harshly and thus she feels very alone some times, which leads to my next point...

3.) Luna has the "I need a hug" effect on the audience, whether it is Woona or the adult Luna. You just can't help but give her the love and adoration that her own subjects are reluctant to give to her.

And last but not least...

4.) Because she is voiced by Tabitha St. Germain. THAT'S BUCKING WHY!!! XD

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Well PK, based on your choice of which pony to head the banner... I guess you could say this was your--

*Pinkie Pie Glasses*

Last Roundup?


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And thus my target has been set... I shall have my name on a Music Of The Day post! Before MOTD 100#!