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Thirty-seven seconds may just be too long for many - remember this was also Limestone Garden Grill, Stella D'Oro, and Madigan's. The location doesn't get as much foot traffic as it seems to need to keep a restaurant going. I wish them the best and I understand they have a catering operation on the side that will help with margins, but history seems not to be on their side.

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Well, I look forward to trying it out and then trying out whatever comes next, just the Limestone Garden Grill, Stella D'Oro, and Madigan's. Hopefully the catering side of things will help it to survive, but I look at the history of that space and then the new owners saying that foot traffic is going to keep them going - didn't work for the last four guys.

Also I hope they have a good business plan "open from seven a.m. until whenever business naturally winds down in the evenings. " sort of... isn't a good idea. "Open til we're not" isn't a concept that works well for staffing or for customers.

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Morrison's for sure - it just doesn't get better than that (for diner type breakfasts anyway)

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I don't really like the ONDP but I'll probably vote for Holland. The Ontario Liberals haven't made any friends in Kingston lately.

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I hadn't thought of it but the prison would make a pretty good distillery district type area. Run a free shuttle from downtown. It's prime waterfront real estate and you could preserve the important bits.

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Casinos are a social evil and any tax benefit is only going to be offset by addiction and Celine Dion appearances.

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I didn't know Stuff'd had closed - not that you could get at it with the construction.

Maru ramen on King St. has changed into a sushi restaurant. I understood it to be owned by the people who own Take sushi like two blocks away, and that they had wanted to do something that wasn't sushi, but I guess we can't have that.

What was Fabricland (and the other surrounding businesses) has now finished its facelift, and looks very nice - but as one huge retail space, if you remember how large/deep the inside of Fabricland was - with the added little store combined and basement level space. I don't know what you'd put in there, but it'd have to be a larger chain store.

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The Mug And Truffle appears to be gone, it's got butcher's paper up in the windows and a padlock and hasp bolted to the door, suggesting it was not an amicable parting. I guess it could be for contractors for renovations, but I kind of doubt it.

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I like sushi well enough, but I'm not sure how many sushi restaurants (and there are already 6 or 7 downtown) Kingston can support. For my money, Discover Japan was the the best, and it's gone the way of all things.

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Frank, I think the former police station, along with the substation, is what the city refers to as the North Block - they've got plans in mind http://www.cityofkingston.ca/city-hall/projects-c...

I also like the revitalization of Wellington with Pig And Olive and JuiceyJuiceStoreWhatever.

Also, went by Brandees tonight. It is now Aji Sai All You Can Eat Sushi, according to the signage. Finally, Kingston gets a sushi place to fill our crippling sushi deficit. Downtown, no less. From Google, it appears to be a Canadian chain of AYCE Sushi.
http://ajisai.ca/ womp womp