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All my life I've thought of the Conservative party as the natural home for pragmatic, don't rock the boat, keep things ticking along, types.

What is it about Europe that makes you lose your mind?

We've lost an entire decade of growth because of your inability to understand macroeconomics, you've unleashed the next decade of lost growth because you can't agree a plan within your own party, and you more interested in intra-party squabbles than trying to sort it out.

Absolutely pathetic for a political party to act like this.

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So basically give current council house owners £100k to buy a non-council house and then flog off their existing house.

So the taxpayer gets a one off bonus of selling an asset for say £500k but in return:
Has to pay £100k to buy a private house for the ex-tenant
Loses an asset worth £500k.
Has a lifetime of paying housing benefit to private landlords to accommodate the families that would otherwise be living in that house. In London that might cost £1500 a month.

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I presume it is some interpretation of the Laffer curve.

The idea is basically if a business activity were taxed at a rate of 100% nobody would do it so there would be no tax revenue. And if it were taxed at 0% there would be no tax revenue. Therefore at some point between 1% and 99% there is a tax maximising tax rate. Therefore if you are taxing at a rate higher than the tax maximising rate you could theoretically cut taxes and increase revenue.

Only when you put actual maths into it you see how stupid it is to apply it to a real life economy.

Say corporation tax is 20% and company profits are £100 a year. Tax take is £20.

Cut corporation tax to 10% and to get to >£20 tax take the company profits need to more than double.

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Yes if you ignore the 62 free schools that have closed down and take out the results of studio schools and UTCs (which the government counts as free schools apart from when posting their results) then free schools got better exam results.

But if you include them then they do worse and cost about twice as much to run.

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Is this really still the standard of debate?

You won the referendum.

You had all the time before then to come up with sensible proposals. You've had 2 years since then and 18 months since Article 50.

With a few months left until we are due to leave you are still wanting negotiations to take place and using buzz words about economies needing to be fast moving and agile. As if the economy were one centrally planned entity instead of the sum of billions of interactions.

You will never be satisfied. All you will do is snipe that it isn't what you wanted without the guts to actually say what you do want. And if what you do want is all of the benefits without any of the downsides then you aren't being realistic.

You should be asking for more time. Withdraw Article 50, come up with a plan supported by the public and implement it. If you can't come up with anything that the public support then why are you withdrawing?

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One thing I will never understand is people who compare household spending and government spending.

Government spending is part of our national income. If we reduce government spending we reduce our national income. For every £1 we reduce government spending we reduce our national income by more than £1.

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Can you actually come up with a workable solution then?

Still, with under a year to go all I see is Brexit voters screaming "betrayal" every time any sort of compromise is offered. It is ludicrous. You won, come up with ideas so your project works and doesn't wreck the economy.

If your actual solution is complete withdrawal then explain how trade with the EU will work; explain why foreign investors would choose the UK for their base; explain how the Irish border will work; explain what happens to british people living in the EU and vice versa.

In short, grow up.

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The longer you are alive the more you realise you are trapped in a never ending cycle of the same argument.

The decisions are taken too far away from the people that they affect.
Lots of layers of local government so they are taken as locally as possible.
Hey wouldn't it be more efficient if we removed some of these layers and centralised the decision making?
The decisions are taken too far away from the people they affect.

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The very first item on your list concerns the success of a local authority in running outstanding schools.

Yet the "triumph" of the free schools and academies project I read about on here explicitly removes schools from local authority management.

Does the government know what it is doing?

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OK so we do not participate in a customs union.

How do goods get in and out of our ports without massive disruption?

What happens to our manufacturing base?

You won the referendum. Come up with some workable solutions.