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Thank goodness you said "none of them". You had me worried there for a moment, Troy :)

Safe travels.

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Important point by Kevin about how the entire class benefits in class-action litigation, regardless of whether they've paid or donated anything.

I recall a few years ago I was (unknowingly) part of a class action against a contact-lens manufacturer, and subsequently received a payment - even though I never paid a retainer or donated to any defense fund.

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As reported by Jordan Maglich, contributor to Forbes magazine, following the news briefing today by the Court-appointed receiver:

"Mr. Bell was also asked to address the recent news that some investors had filed class-action lawsuits against Zeek and Burks. While Mr. Bell indicated that he had not been provided with copies of the lawsuits, he did give his opinion that, under the order appointing him as receiver, any and all litigation brought against Zeek or its subsidiaries would be stayed and prevented from moving forward."

Note that last part, about "any and all litigation brought against Zeek or its subsidiaries would be stayed and prevented from moving forward". Something to consider if you donate to "defense funds".

More here, including Mr. Bell's position on cashiers' checks (they *will* be deposited) and the very real possibility of claw-backs:

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Troy, with regard to #1 in your response above:

Paying a mere $70 to reinstate a corporation filing does nothing to provide transparency and independent accounting of how the PayPal funds will be used.

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As for whether folks should send money to this 'defense fund': Glim_Dropper already covered that above. And by the way, I'm one of those ZR affiliates Glim_Dropper mentioned "who took more out than I put in". If, after due process, the Court-appointed receiver determines that I should return my earnings, I will.

I read the "Breaking news" on the "Zteambiz" Web site, about how they're working to re-open Zeek Rewards and Zeekler.

Remember that scene in Pulp Fiction, where Butch (Bruce Willis) says, "Zed's dead baby, Zed's dead"?

Zeek's dead folks, Zeek's dead.

Any money spent on trying to resurrect Zeek is throwing good money after bad (and lining the pockets of others).

Unfortunately I think a lot of people are still in denial over the loss of easy money, and it's clouding their judgment. Just like their judgment was probably clouded when they first joined Zeek, under the lure of easy money. What's that saying, "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me"?

My advice is to monitor the Court-appointed receiver's Web site, and submit your claim once a formal claims process been established and approved by the Court:

The receiver will be holding a news briefing for members of the media tomorrow, August 27 at 2 PM Eastern:
I know you're braving the storm Troy, but if you're able to attend the news briefing, I look forward to your report afterwards.

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Thanks Troy for the updates!

I'm going to hold you to that "new and disturbing information" you mentioned about Solavei. Please share your findings ASAP, so the many folks considering wireless MLMs can make an informed decision.

Not surprised to hear about the rise of direct selling in Poland. I've been fortunate enough to collaborate with a leader over there and they are rocking indeed!

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I was kinda looking forward to that masquerade ball :)

I didn't buy any tickets, but I know folks who did, so thanks on their behalf Troy for this information and your efforts.

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Troy, to answer the question you raised at 04:50 in your video:

Solavei offers "unlimited" data on T-Mobile's network - but with throttling: "Data speeds will reduce when the amount of data used exceeds 4GBs or when roaming domestically of the Solavei network." See:

What's interesting though is that T-Mobile just announced unlimited data plans with no throttling, so I'm not sure if that will extend to Solavei's subscribers:

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Fair enough Troy, but nor has Kevin Thompson said that he will limit his "actions" to non-US citizens either. He's taking all names, USA citizens or not.

The class-action attorneys may not make money off Zeek affiliates directly, but ultimately their fees will be taken from that $225 million - reducing the reimbursements available for qualified affiliates. With lawyers typically getting about 30% of a class-action settlement, that would mean $67 million LESS for reimbursements to harmed Zeek affiliates.

I'm sorry, but that's just adding insult to injury.

And that's assuming one class-action; we know a class-action has already been filed by Calvin Cunningham in Lexington: http://www.the-dispatch.com/article/20090610/ARTI...

In the aftermath of Zeek's demise, many have accused other programs like Vitel of being "vultures", but at least those programs don't reduce the funds available to reimburse harmed Zeek affiliates. Class-action lawyers on the other hand - do.

I agree with @Jim8686 - let the receivership do its job. One million affiliates or not, all claims will still have to be validated individually, and class-action lawyers aren't going to speed that process one bit. Lawyers aren't exactly renowned for their efficiency and cost-effectiveness :)

I don't have a dog in this fight, since I didn't lose any money in Zeek. I just don't want Zeek affiliates who lost money to be screwed over, yet again.

Side note: Take cover from Hurricane Isaac, stay safe Troy. Thanks for raising the bar.

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Thanks for the correction, Troy. It was initially published that way in The-Dispatch newspaper, but indeed the correct Web site for submitting claims is:

And yes, I think folks should prepare themselves for the distribution process to take years.