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Thank you. I rest my case.

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Dear Mr. Troll: Did you sleep through high school? Please take a few remedial English courses and come back when you learn how to spell, punctuate, capitalize, and use the language properly. Your butchering of English make you sound like you have a sub-seventy IQ and makes it easy to ignore your mindless rants.

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Rich, you're correct. I've always had a mindless urge to go after trolls even when I know it's useless. Gotta get a handle on my OCD.

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Boy, are you clueless. Both Dolley and I are known on this board and be assured that anyone who knows our identities also knows that we don't even come close to being liberals.

Did you consider that we might not prefer either candidate and that we might have a reason for our dislike and distrust of Corbett?

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Other than his carefully choreographed and politically-driven Bonusgate indictments, I'd really like to know just what you think "rocks" about Corbett. The man is a poser.

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Corbett doesn't have the cojones for a one-on-one debate, as he proved during the primary campaign when he refused a straight-up meet with Sam Rohrer. The only time you'll see a "debate" from him is if it is in forum style where he can use his cue cards and memorized responses. The man is clueless without his toadies to feed him talking points.

And, yes, I'm a Republican who WILL NOT vote for Corbett under any circumstances.

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And that will be a very sad day for Pennsylvania. Actually, it will be sad no matter who wins.

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Just one question for you. Forget pay and other contract specifics for the moment and focus on a single issue. The Neshaminy union has insisted from the get-go that they will not pay ONE CENT toward their health insurance premiums and have held the line on that demand. You call this negotiation? In what real-world scenario does any non-education worker receive fully-paid healthcare benefits? Do you call this a reasonable demand? I call it greed.

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Pardon me, Pat, but this was NOT Rendell's idea. Quite the contrary - Rendell wanted broaden the base of the sales tax to increase general fund revenues to finance another bloated budget. The conservatives were correct in opposing Rendell's idea.

Property tax elimination funded by a broadened SUT base has been on the table for a number of years in the form of HB 1275, the School Property Tax Elimination Act, championed by Representative Sam Rohrer. The bill has been killed twice by special interests, particularly the gambling lobby, and the majority of House Democrats who wanted to maintain the status quo.

What's interesting is that Rendell vehemently opposed the expansion of the SUT base for property tax elimination whenever it was discussed but then found the concept perfectly fine and adopted the idea when he wanted to use the money for more spending. Stunning hypocrisy from our tax-and-spend governor.

Details of HB 1275 are here: See the plan for yourself.

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Thanks to the diligence of the Berks County Patriots the media also know about the Kimmett case well in advance of the primary. All ignored the information except Laura Vecsey of the Patriot-News, who released it on March 29. Was the media afraid of retaliation from Herr Corbett?