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You are doing all the right things Maisha; I took a job in a much smaller town where things like jelly are giving the response - molao lol. I hope you are having a fantastic time.

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I can only imagine Carl. The world would definitely be different. But there is hope because many are becoming more aware; they are observing and not just seeing, they are hearing and not just listening. You can only speak and be your own truth and in doing so help others realize theirs - thus you being "a light unto the world".

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Maisha, believe me once you\'ve been there for a while that taste for kimchi sneaks up on you and before you know it you fall in love with it.

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You are too kind Sophie.

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Kenny, it took a little work but she became my favorite one of my favorite students. Yes it's the same Sara and their parents are still fighting over whose child is superior.

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Indeed Roxi, it is time Korea exposes itself to the rest of the world knocking at its door.

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Hello Nduuweta, yeah it has been awhile since I left Cameroon. I think I am due for a visit to the grandparents. Everyone on this side of the world are doing great and this summer I am going to see Uncle in Europe so I am excited. But in order to teach in Korea you need to have a passport from U.S, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, or Canada; Cameroon is not on the list since the dominant language is French. You would have to join the family in U.S to teach here in Korea but it's a long process that I think the reward wouldn't equal to the time invested.

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Yeah it gets to that stage where you start to wonder how difference you have made in their lives. It is reassuring when students let you know that you have done good by them. Even the ones that put up a face do eventually pull you to the side and ask questions about your departure which lets you know that they do care to some extent. Count each day and enjoy it. It won't be long; my return might be sooner than I thought but we will see how things are on the home front first. Enjoy

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I think I will do the same Dayna, I will leave my email to those willing and maybe someday I might be able to still help them with something :)

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I hope the last leap is not too difficult too Kenny. Jisun (another Teacher they loved as they did you) left yesterday too and today the kids bombarded me with questions about why she left too. It is difficult to explain to them why because like you said, they are too young to understand. Until this day, the America class kids still talk about you; if they can do that about me too then I would have done my job :) and hope in that memory of me and me of them, our bond will remain long after leaving.