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What a brilliant post Jane. Cannot begin to imagine what you're going through with all those drugs rattling around in your system but high five to you for including the line "and then THIS happened" with a photo of you looking like an extra from the Rocky Horror Picture Show!

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Not a big flower fan? What the? I am a big flower fan and have to buy my own!
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Oh wow love that description; lasers of light indeed!

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I love your kids too. Well done Muddy's kids x

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*ticks the I'm a cool parent box*

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Wait a minute, then NEED something like that down my neck of the woods. For adults only. Kids can have their own ;-)
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Totally agree Sarah. We've been to America when the kids were really little, when they were just growing and now they are pre-teens and there is always something to entertain us all. Such an easy place to go on holiday

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There is an oak tree at the bottom of our garden and it looks like a giant sentinel guarding our road. And when it's misty you can just see his branches reaching out all black and slightly sinister but I still think it looks like it was put here to protect us!
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I love that no matter what the time of year, trees give something back. Even in mid winter when they're bare and stark looking, the still manage to look magnificent and majestic
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As long as your feet and your head are warm you'll be good my friend!