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I've said it before, but thanks Phil for being such a great person to work under. You're headed for great things, and every single one of us know that :)

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Sorry, but that's sloppy thinking. If someone is unfortunate enough to not be able to afford an HDTV because of, oh I dunno....college tuition, unemployment, family expenses, gas prices, that makes him a "chump?"

This should be a non-issue. In fact, it shouldn't exist at all. The market is full of consumers with SDTVs and HD, and to cater to only one of them is an amateur practice of any game developer, let alone Rare.

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"Do you really think Nintendo would push out all those franchise favorites in the opening year of Wii if they didn't care about the hardcore fanbase?"

Couldn't agree more, Matt. Spot on.

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I wonder how much more creative freedom (if any) Activision's giving Infinity Ward than Treyarch has been allowed? There's no doubting that Infinity's efforts have had more impact on the industry than those of the latter. World at War's got potential, so hopefully a pre-release demo will prove solid.

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The hype surrounding Mirror's Edge and LBP should reach fever status by holiday time, so they need to stay. Gears 2 and PoP are two very important sequels for Epic and Ubi because they've got holiday blockbuster qualities - nope, no delay.

If any I'd delay Fallout 3 into January or Febr. Not because it looks any less exciting than any of the other 4, but because if it's scope ranges anywhere near that of Oblivion's, gamers need time away from all the slew of holiday titles in order to properly get fully involved in it.

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Mr. Spacely!

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This just sucks! Who am I kidding, looks outstanding!