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The Video is down, Here is a Mirror for your Viewing pleasure.

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Ummm no, you are mistaking Libertarians for Liberals and Progressives...they aint the same at all. You either don't get around much, or are very poor at trolling so let me inject a little reality into your world view. The People who own guns in the states you mentioned are Not the Urban population you refer too, but those who live in the country and burbs. You may want to visit up-state in NY, Southern or Appalachian PA, or the Central Vally and past San Francisco to the north in CA. I have you see, and I lived in Texas and California. All those areas are filled with gun toting Conservatives...not a Progressives to be found past the last Star-Bucks, and the only Che Guevara T-shirts you will find out there have bullet holes and a line thru them. BTW, I am a Hunter, a Vet and there is a Badge in my pocket.

Nice try tho, thanks for playing.

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Ahh yes, the Ol' Holder 'Hoof in Mouth special'...I would not put it past him.

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Lol, true, but the cost of ammo would go up higher than it already is. I remember when you could get a case of quality 7.62 NATO M-80 Ball for $200.00. Im sure glad I reload...

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Hiya MrsT :) I thank you, the Pleasure is mine. Yes, it has been a while...Life happened, as they say. lol but I'm waking up breathing, so all is well.

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This man needs to be on the 2012 Ticket. He stands tall, and speaks the truth...a trait once common, but now scarce among Pol's.

Lets make it happen. First Secure our Border. E-Verify a quick second, then start jailing employers who break the law. We must also remove all Aid and tax funded handouts from the list of available options now on the Illegals gift card. Personaly I also believe that all Children when entering school should be validated as well, but that will be a huge cat fight that will take the focus from the main issue.

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Lol, Please God, no. The last thing this country needs is a bunch of tantrum throwing, emotionally challenged libs running around armed.

They shoot their mouths off without thought as it is... one shudders at what they would do with live ammo.

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We gotta try. As a Vet, I intend to uphold my Oath. I don't know where Obama was born...it could have been Hawaii, it could have been elsewhere. What we DO know tho, is so far there has been no proof offered or produced by anyone to confirm his eligability to hold the Office of President. Untill 2008, Proof was equired from all candidates, and prior to 2008 all candidates did provided that proof as was their duty...after all, it is They who are running, and it is Thay who are task with providing the necessary documention to establish they do, in-fact, meet the requirements for office.

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Did you know Hawaii is the Only stare that requires the State to investigate and confirm the eligability of all candidates for public office, and that the Democratic Party and the State of Hawaii Refused to certify Obama?

Here is the Video with the documents; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXFwqUi3zR0 It is an eye opener.

Instead of following their Own Law and certifying Obama, Hawaii was given a letter of Certification from Nancy Pelosi. This is the First and only time this has ever been for any Presidental Candidate. To this day, there is not a single factual document had been offerd or found to support the claim that Obama was born in Hawaii....Not One.

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Well there it is folks...its off to the Supremes.

It will be interesting to see what Obamas tool Holder has to say now.