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If I can add something here....

I have never actually watched Yuri on Ice. I fully intend to, I'm sure I'll love it, but for whatever reason, I've never actually gotten around to it. For a year and a half by this point. ...I dunno, I think it might just be because my "to watch" pile is miles long already and I want to pare that down a little first before adding anything else to it.

So, having not watched the show before the kiss, having only seen a few clips and posts from people who were fans of the series, having watched people talk about how it's a gay romance and been quietly skeptical while still hoping for their sake that they were right...I reacted in a similar way. I had no context at all beyond "the guy in the leotard is a figure skater". I had no emotional investment, no personal stake, just...nothing. I was watching it entirely out of context. The clip was just what it was, and there was nothing leading up to it for me. And I felt similarly overjoyed despite all of that. I wasn't a shipper, wasn't a fan, knew basically nothing about these characters or the show or the moment leading up to it. And I was still just....incredibly happy and excited.

This moment - well, my reaction to it -is what made me realize I am bisexual. I was excited because I was seeing an aspect of myself that I had yet to consciously acknowledge and come to terms with being validated in a work of fiction. I'd had similar reactions to similar moments in shows Mark has covered - the ending of Legend of Korra, Garnet's reveal as a fused, loving couple - but in all of those cases, I'd been emotionally invested in something other than those moments, so I just mentally brushed it off as "well, yeah, I'm a fan of Korra and Asami's relationship and I'm happy that it was canonized", or "I like Garnet a great deal and I like what this revelation adds to her character". With Yuuri and Victor's kiss, I had none of that. No way to write off my reaction. I had to actually ask myself why I was happy, because I didn't already have a ready-made answer I could just whip out. And, well, one thing led to another.

Thank you, Yuri on Ice. I'm not sure how much longer I would've stayed in denial if this moment hadn't happened, so...thank you.

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She left a show that she hated working on, only for both the quality of the show itself and the behind-the-scenes environment to improve drastically not long after she was written out. It's possible that she stands by her decision to leave, but also regrets not being on the show once it had stopped being an awkward, fumbling clusterfuck run by people who (allegedly) once told her that her job was to stand around and look pretty while the captain and first officer got all the interesting shit to do. That would explain the evasiveness, too, because how exactly do you put that into words?

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It ended with a bang thanks to the fans, too. After this episode wrapped, and the viewers had taken the time to process what they'd just watched, they all got up from in front of their TV sets, found the nearest wall and banged their collective heads against them in unison.

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Well, we know that Riker can't be watching the events exactly as they unfolded, because he interacts with the Enterprise characters and the characters react to his words, so he's altered the course of events in the program anyway.

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You know, there were many, many times I wished more interesting characters/a more interesting show would take over when I was watching a particularly rancid episode of Enterprise.

....Be careful what you wish for, I guess.

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Mirror Archer doesn't have an indoor voice and appears to have an adversarial relationship with his own neck (keep an eye on it throughout the two-parter - it looks like his neck's trying to run away from his mouth to escape the megalomaniacal yelling. It's quite a sight), so he acts like a petulant, xenophobic fuckup with no perspective whatsoever....loudly. Archer Prime is a more subdued petulant, xenophobic fuckup.

Seriously, though, it really says a lot that Archer's evil counterpart is so similar to regular Archer at his worst.

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OK, that's certainly understandable. I enjoy Mirror Archer's absurd hamming immensely, but we all have different tastes.

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"Unfortunately"? The Mirror Universe is inherently ridiculous, so going full Shatner felt very appropriate.

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She won't last a week, sure, but lasting more than four days would probably be a record-breaking reign as Emperor, given the ridiculous amount of backstabbing in the mirror universe. The average tenure of anyone in any kind of position of power is probably measured in hours.

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.....Only one episode per series? That's surprising.