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I can also see it being the kind of thing that might have originated from a more morally defensible place. Perhaps, for example, it was initially introduced as a sort of instant rehabilitation method for severe, repeat offenders ("counselling not helping Prisoner X control the violent impulses that stem from their highly traumatic childhood? Well, with this new invention, you can just delete that part of their life and replace it with something that doesn't make them so angry all the time!"), and then its implementation got more and more...punitive in nature over time as people started complaining that the people who'd had their personalities altered were getting off far too easily, "they committed [[insert crime here]], so they deserve to be punished for it", that kind of thing. I mean, the first example's still morally iffy, but it's not "we don't kill people, we just destroy absolutely every aspect of their being and then program the body left behind to work as a janitor for the rest of its life" iffy.

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I'm almost surprised Londo never brought this up during his arguments with G'Kar. "I have six sets of genitals and they're so long, I can use them to cheat at poker! Your argument is invalid!!" seems like a completely in-character argument-ender for him, doesn't it?

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"'How about this... you pretend you didn't write it, I'll pretend I didn't see it, and we'll both be just fine."

So Lennier was channelling Warner Bros. executives when he made his vow of silence? Actually, no, I think it's just that "I'll pretend that never happened" is exactly the right reaction to learning...what we learn in this episode.

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"(Idk why she immediately blames him rather than Sinclair)."

I think she knew they were both in on it, but Garibaldi doesn't outrank her.

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OK, more seriously, insights gleaned from this episode:

Delenn would rather stay on an important space station with beings from hundreds of different cultures on it, mysteries, intrigue to spare and plenty of entertainment than stand in the dark on a council ship for the rest of her life. This revalation shocks the rest of the Grey Council and is completely unprecedented, which says some interesting things about Minbari culture.

Major Lewis is terribly acted. It's like he's absorbed all the misjudged acting choices from the early episodes into himself somehow. If it turned out that B4 became unstuck in time because Lewis's acting warped the fabric of space and time, I wouldn't be remotely surprised.

The "fasten, zip" conversation does actually reveal something, along with the prank Sinclair and Garibaldi play on Ivanova (which is pure evil, by the way). Sinclair's settling into his position enough to loosen up a little bit, he's less restrained and super-serious than he has been.

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Was it somehow ghostwritten (no pun intended) by Gene Roddenberry? It sounds like it could have been.

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One of the show's longest-running mysteries was finally solved: Sinclair fastens his trousers before zipping them up. And so does Garibaldi.

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Londo fully intended to shoot G'Kar dead in Midnight on the Firing Line: he believes he and G'Kar will die choking the life out of each other when they're old men, but he's not so fatalistic that he thinks that it MUST happen that way and that trying to avoid that fate is completely pointless. Lady Ladira did say that the future is always changing, and that Centauri precognition only shows you a POSSIBLE future...

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"these characters provide that opportunity to imagine a different way of doing things, one that doesn’t involve destruction but a self-sacrifice for the greater good. Draal agrees to become the sentient heart of a PLANET, y’all. That is a LOT, and it is certainly more than I think I would be capable of personally. But it follows so naturally from the spiritual path that Draal believed himself on, doesn’t it?"

In other words....

♫ Draal put his whole self in
And he turned his life about
He did the Hokey Cokey
And he gave a little shout
"That's what it's all about!"♫

He's also with Londo, the one complaining about the meaninglessness of the song, and Delenn, who was with him for that little rant, when he does this.

....JMS....you FUCKER. Using a scene that ridiculous as foreshadowing for a dramatic event is a borderline abuse of your power as a writer!

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