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YOU <edit> could <edit> be in danger! Your household pets <edit> deliver propaganda!

A follow-up report from Alpharius asks a serious question: have the universities even indoctrinated your PETS? The answer may surprise you!

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How (uncomfortably) spot-on is this episode?

It's apparently been shown in several journalism-related university courses to demonstrate how media can be manipulated and how careful editing can completely change how something comes across.

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If it is Psi Corps brainwashing behind his behaviour, well, Talia kept passing up golden opportunities to endear herself to the command staff or access classified information because they would go against her principles, so there is a precedent for that.

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"So…we won by telling Mommy and Daddy to please stop fighting, you're scaring the kids. Really? Oookay then. Not that it wasn’t interesting or compelling but it’s a bit anti-climatic after this big build up, and I'm not entirely convinced that all the Vorlons and Shadows needed was a stern talking-to, but eh. Whatever."

Well...the Shadows' philosophy and attitude has always struck me as "you can't tell me what to do, mum!", and the show has a running theme of "advanced aliens" being incredibly immature, for all their posturing, so...

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"It looked to me like Londo did not expect to be named prime minister though. So this is how he’ll wind up positioned to become emperor."

He might've considered it as a possibility, but he certainly isn't happy about it. He mentioned in The Coming Of Shadows that he preferred to influence things from behind the scenes and stay away from the spotlight, to have power without the visibility of a high-profile position in the court. And now he's just become Prime Minister in a time of major political upheaval, and he'll definitely play a key role in any attempt to get the Shadows off Centauri Prime...

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"So, science question - with all these worlds being destroyed around the galaxy, how does that effect the gravitational fields of everything else around where those planets used to be? For instance, if Earth got blown up, well, our moon wouldn’t know what to do with itself, at the very least. But would that effect Venus or Mars in any way?"

I wouldn't think it would affect them in any significant way. Earth's gravitational pull is nothing compared to the sun's. But I'm not an astrophysicist, so I could be wrong.

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I always appreciated that the show took the time to examine the impact of killing another sapient being - even if it'll save countless lives, even if it's the best option available by a clear mile, even if the person you have to kill is such a festering mound of pig shit that nobody is ever going to sincerely miss them, it sticks with you unless you're completely desensitized to it. So many people die at the hands of the regulars in most shows of this type that the effect killing someone can have on you can get...lost in the shuffle, I guess.

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I'm always surprised that Cartagia is killed off so soon after his first onscreen appearance - I always remember him surviving for a lot longer. I'm not sure whether it says more about how dense season 4 is, plot-wise, or how much Cartagia stuck in my mind as a character despite having a very short tenure on the show.

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You know...from a writing perspective, Sheridan and Garibaldi's respective unexplained disappearances and reappearances driving a wedge between them was a good choice, but it would've been hilarious if everyone had just kind of shrugged them both off. So much weird, dark, horrifying, emotionally draining horseshit has been dumped on the main characters over the past few years that I can honestly see them not having the emotional resources to be surprised that Sheridan somehow came back from the dead after nuking his own position and falling for several miles. After stealing a space station to win a war that you'd already won and watching your old CO turn into an alien and reinvent one of the galaxy's major powers, I wouldn't be surprised if Sheridan's resurrection was met with a "welp, I guess this is a thing that can happen."

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It's implied that the Vorlons don't actually need a very specific environment to survive, it's an excuse to explain why they constantly wear those encounter suits. Still, I doubt a Vorlon could survive being shot towards the nearest sun, or entering an atmosphere....