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C'mon we need one in Ottawa! BronyCon is awesome, but the canadian dollar is so low, I don't think I can afford it again.

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I don't want to wait a year, but I also don't want MLP to rush by so fast. I remember the airing of season 5 like it was yesterday. On the couch with all my pony gear, waiting impatiently on CinemaQuestria. I don't know how much longer MLP will last after the 2017 movie, but 2017 really isn't that far away. All I'm saying is, if this is how long it takes, I'm not complaining as long as we get results, and I want MLP to last as long as possible.

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I want to meet applejacks parents

Oh wait

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Honestly same. I'm listening to it rn

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In my opinion quite boring. 6/10

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I personally think they're cute

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I was thinking the exact same thing!

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I'm carving my pumpkin for the contest today! I've never done a pumpkin like this before, so, I hope it goes well!

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I agree with flutters as #1 agree so much

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I just watched it and thought it was pretty decent. I'm just really dissapointed with the cuts. It seems as though we missed a song or two, unless they're only on the soundtrack on iTunes (which would be unusual). I should've watched the Canadian stream earlier. Too bad I was busy. Overall I enjoyed the movie but it felt like it was missing something. It is certainly not better than Rainbow Rocks but still quite an improvement over the first EQG. I thought the human Twi was adorable and loved her solo song. I like that now there are more body types, but I wish they decided to make the mane six's different in the first place. My favourite part was the ending, when Sunset and Twi were fighting and Sunset was talking to her. I thought that scene was beautiful.