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Incumbants have a huge cash advantage and the opportunity for free media. It doesn'y necessary mean they'll win, though. A few very recent cases in Pa and elsewhere have underscored that. It's very early in the runup to Nov 2. Much can change and it probably will.

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This is getting more and more traction. It may be time to get ready for some big shoes to drop.

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There are some productive well thought out plans going foward and they are going to be necessary. There are commitments that will have to be met . Recognizing and dealing with that has been shoved off too long and there are plenty to whom the blame can be given for that, but that's water over the dam now. Procrastination is going to cause quite a lot of suffering and there's nothing funny about that. $600 million borrowed in the 2010-2011 budget is a disrace, particularly any major funds being spent on monuments to anything or anybody!

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Seriously, Bill! Is that all they have to talk about? Sorry, people, but that's a great big who cares. If that's all they have to do, maybe there are too many on the payroll?

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'Glad to see you back, Dolley -- missed the Pfft! I could just say Amen to everything you wrote. In fact, I will: AMEN

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People aren't jumping onboard early, definitely. But did anybody watch the coverage of the Pa Democrat summer meeting? It was one of the biggest union love-ins in recent memory and, in case they haven't noticed, the union win record is WAY down these days, even in Pennsylvania. It's a long way to November, though.

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It really looks like Kanjo has finally just flipped. He's beating himself because he's become an embarrassment.

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'Problem is, Rendells the joke:p

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You beat me and I'm sure quite a few others to the pot and kettle remark, nitannyGOP:D! On the subject of the Admiral, the investigations are ongoing about the job offer business. 'Seems it's far from a closed issue. Hmm.

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Good comment, Bill. However, isn't the bigger surprise that there is someone other than himself this governor is interested in :$?