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Its a view of a ball mouse. The roller inside the mouse that the ball touched. Haha, balls touching...

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Schweinshaxe is one of the greatest foods on earth. And seemingly impossible to find in the few German restaurants where I live. It's like M&M's but made of pork. Crunchy outer shell, sweet wonderful pork inside... I'm hungry now.

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How can a game be played ironically? Or is this the vernacular, hipster definition of irony? I ask because that definition has never made any sense to. Just like calling snarky it amusing t-shirts ironic.

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That's a classic. Especially if one can recall the whole deal without having to refer to the internets. Which I usually can't.

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So many good ones everyone has mentioned already. Working in an engineering office, I find that any sci-fi quote has a fair chance of being recognized and well received. Lately, people have been referring to variety as the spice of life. To which I usually try to reply with, "...and he who controls the spice, controls the universe."
That and, while not truly sci-fi, anything monty python goes over well.

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Indeed it is. Though this would be a far better case for an original Donkey Kong game.

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Can you imagine the tedium of assembling that thing? Wow. That being said, if was experimental equipment, it was likely well worth the tedium of it all.

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Borders actually had a pretty cool computer based set up for a few years, before they closed up shop.

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I wonder how this one would have flown once they fleshed out the design a little more. You can see the break lines on the head on view in the lower left corner of the sheet, so it was meant to be symmetric. It just doesn't make sense to show it all on a concept drawing.

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I'm hoping for Twin Ion Engines as the propulsion for the next generation of fighters.