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Well said, I'm actually glad I borrowed a friends Xbox Halo edition console and jumped in on Halo 2 for Xbox Live to start with. Amazed at how well that original console played. So a few months after that and with the launch of the Xbox 360 Elite, I was hooked and ready for the launch of Halo 3 on the Xbox 360. My days of PC gaming were well in the past for sure. Sad to see those old maps on Halo 2 go away, but I totally understand where they are coming from. I think ODST and Reach are some of the best work Bungie has turned out and its a given that people will be playing more on Halo 3 and soon Reach for years to come.

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Been dying to get a crack at this game, the Empire book was awesome and its been a long wait for Shadow Complex. Chair has put together a great game I think.

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Just listened to the show and a heads up on scratched discs. You can get those rings fixed an the games play fine. I had this problem happen to a game of mine and a local game store, buffed an fixed it for $3 only. ;)

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I'm in and my goal is not come in last place at least... So the presure is on... on me now! LOL

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I played tonight for two hours an then the first round of extended play (E3 2009 Questions). I had an awesome time playing this.

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I'll more an likely have to get this game now. I'm not a huge Madden Fan and not great at sports games, but if I can play Co-op and perhaps learn from some friends, then I think I'll give it a look an make the jump from Madden NFL 07 to 10 now. :)

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My Xbox 360 should arrive later today and I'll return from my 19 days of missing Xbox Live and gaming. :)

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4-2-09 - As of 10:25am my 360 is now at the Repair Center in Mesquite, still waiting on the confirmation from MS as to working on the RRoD now. Now its 9:45pm and I just got the e-mail from Support that they have my box and will start work on it soon.

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Just great, the box was suppose to arrive at the Repair Center today (4/1/09) and here is the update I get from UPS.

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Shortly after writing this article, my Elite RRoD and is expected to arrive today at the repair center. Not sure if this is Karma slapping me a bit here or what. I'm listening to KOXM #156 and they just mentioned that the Elite might be phased out of the line up now. The pro 60 gig is great an they can always sell packages like the Resident Evil special Edition with a 120 gig drive. Sounds like Black is on the way out soon now.