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I'll stand at your side, Chaplain. How bout meeting for coffee at Starbucks on Westheimer and Fountain View next week? Hope you are an early bird. Tuesday is best because no surgery scheduled and I don't hit rounds till 0900. Say 6 am?

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I agree, Reb, but keep in mind that the end game has nothing to do with what is right or wrong - or anything in that arena. It's all about power, control, and domination. It's not about saving the poor illegal aliens who crawl across the border to find a job (or whatever their motive) - it's about the power folks in the administration controlling all of us and by insuring their longevity by making all of their "poor unfortunate seekers of welfare" citizens or at least voters. The people we hear about crossing our southern borders for the most part end up no better than slaves. So, if it were about goodness and light, we would end it and end the slavery. But it isn't, and never will - it's about money and control.

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She not only has my vote, but my active support and whatever else she needs.

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Well said, Chaplain. Then again, I'd expect that of a fellow Texan.

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One of my patients is a Vietnamese man who fled his homeland on a boat built for 40 people with 160 people on board during a typhoon, survived no food or water for five days, high seas, and an attack by pirates to land on a strip of sand in Indonesia. He was put into a stockaded camp for over a year until he found a sponsor to help him get to Texas. He worked at menial jobs in order to get money to bring his parents and two brothers to Texas. That done, he focused on establishing himself in an outstanding profession and is extremely successful. He faced all of this without a handout from ANY government or agency. Neither he nor his family has ever received any form of government assistance. He faced all of these challenges / crosses, if you wll, because he wanted to leave the terrot of the SOCIALIST government of Viet Nam(Read the history of Vietnam between 1975 & 1991) to reach freedom and personal liberty personified in the United States of America. He is a man with more courage than I have ever witnessed in anyone - and I am surrounded by courageous patriots. SOCIALISM = GOVERNMENT CONTROL and government control leads - like night to day - to corruption and terror. God bless FREEDOM

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Me neither . . .

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I think I'll fly the Texas Flag and not worry about the protocol for a world turned upside down.

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Well put. We need to remain on alert just in order to HAVE an election in 2010. My fear is an attempt - in light of some great emergency to perhaps not have one. As a general rule, all who are in ought to be voted out. We need some sort of national coordinating "thing" - God knows what - to seek out leaders ready, willing and able to tackle the 2010 campaign, and with the courage to stand up for the Constitution. TX Congressman TED POE (In January 2009, Congressman Ted Poe was sworn in to a serve a third term representing the Second Congressional District of Texas in the United States House of Representatives) is one of the good guys with guts. The rest ought to be looked at very closely. His record as a Judge in Houston is amazing. He would make a great US Senator from TX. He has demonstrated courage - a rare commodity in Washington.

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It's almost 1000 and time to put on a healing smile. To your question, Chaplain, I feel more and more depressed on a personal level each day. I'm depressed about the feeling I have that the "promise of America" is being drained out of the amazing country in which I was born and raised and practiced for the first sixty years of my life. It reminds me of a tub filled tepid bath water. The plug is pulled and the water is draining out. The water level is now to the point where the little counter-clockwise whirling of water at the drain is moving faster and faster. It is a helpless feeling in my core. And this core has been in sure of itself, sure of my country, and sure I could generally trust my fellow man. Now a lot of that "sureness" and trust has been called into question. You cause me to take positive steps to rebuild my personal relationship with the Creator and to be a real leader with the people with whom I come into contact each and every day. Thanks Chaplain. I too needed a little introspection. I'm not sure I feel better, but I do have a personal mission to make a difference with those I can.

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I've been out doing God's work with people who need a good GP and can't find the cash. Thanks for the support, brother. However, other than a Spec Warrior at my back in a bar fight, I'd more than welcome a Marine. ... in a bar SD, Little Creek, or any war zone. My USMC 2LT swim buddy at frog school could eat nails and spit out rr spikes - and he kept me focused so we could graduate by grasping me around the neck and squeezing with force while advising I would die before I got to the bell to ring out. (in those days, swim buddies graduated together or did not graduate at all. The only exception was if your SB died during training.)
Airborne, brother!