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being on that list is like being on a facebook shi# list

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Here here! let the tribes fight it out in their sandbox... just worry about helping Saudi set up beautiful beach resorts! that's as far as I'm willing to "meddle".

also "After all, the only good empire is one that has ceased to exist. "


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Don't know about the transcript, but I've heard some cling to "Well if everyone has nukes, it's less likely that people will use them" So what would happen if we extended that "umbrella" to every country! The symbolism alone would cause a ruckus. Imagine opening to Russia "Nah , nah, we don't need a missile shield, we'll just add Russia, Ossetia, and Georgia to our umbrella" eh...

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"...but they failed to see the portraits of Chairman Mao, the worst despot and mass murderer since Stalin, reverently carried by many of the marchers."

I hope you were using Mao as another example, I'd hate to see his name tarnished without showing what he did give China in return! :D