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The Call of Duty series lacks a cohesive story across games and much of it is retread from previous entries (especially the WWII games). I fail to see how this comparison makes sense.

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^EXACTLY! If I feel like I look like an idiot I'm not having fur and I agree 100% with your opinion on motion controls in general. I have zero interest in getting off the couch or chair when I game. I game to relax after a long day of work and kids, not the other way around.

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I'm important and said such a long time ago :D

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I agree with the notion that you have to be for or against review scores first. Metacritic isn't evil in itself. The information that it aggregates is. Review scores are for lazy readers that cant' formulate an opinion without a numerical quantity attached to a review. Metacritic perpetuates this laziness by averaging out the numerical data, further compounding the problem.

Review scores need to go. Period.

Gamers need to get back into the habit of playing games or reading reviews and filtering what is good or acceptable for themselves rather than relying on gaming journalist to do it for them. Then maybe gaming journalist could start writing more interesting articles that don't read like press releases.

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First game was great fun despite some finnicky controls, a weak story ending and much about nothing regarding a review score fiasco. I'll definitely be picking this one one.

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I figured as much, but now you can say you learned something. :)

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If you've never followed basketball the question is forgiven... he routinely had his tongue hanging out like that when he played in the NBA. Basketball people should already know that.

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racing game congestion in May, there was never room for two kart racers in May let alone with RDR and Alan Wake. When the pieces fell, RDR won the duel and the other 3 titles were left for scraps. Blur was a fantastic as a beta, sorry to hear it didn't move any units.

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I don't have a problem with Kinect existing, but the notion that it's intended to bring non-gamers into the flock and then expose them to other parts of the system doesn't seemed to have worked so well with the Wii. So why repeat it?

Just be honest and say you want to cash in on that non-gamer money and leave it at that. I also think the price point isn't appropriate for the target audience either. That's going to be a huge deturant.

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I can't offer you a therapists, but I have never thrown a controller or displayed a fit of rage beyond calmly leaving the couch and turning off my console when I get frustrated.

When I was a kid and I got my first console (Colecovision) my parents threatened to confiscate it if they ever saw me getting worked up over a game. My consoles have never been confiscated and games were a lot harder back in the day than now.