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It seems to me that your last observation is actually the main reason for anti-atheist rhetoric. The desperate desire that Christianity's promised Heavenly reward or afterlife could be true is what drives most Believers, in my opinion. Since there is no other way to reassure themselves that this is so, they must surround themselves by people who agree that they are right. In order to be allowed into and, more important, to stay part of that religion, they must denigrate anyone who is not "one of them", let alone anyone who actually says their beliefs are wrong. Since it cannot escape their notice that most Atheists are not covered in boils or frequently struck down by their "loving God/Savior", our willingness to be "out" and honest about our lack of God belief is particularly threatening. It must "appear" that they hate us at every opportunity, mainly for the benefit of the other Co-religionists.

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"I found it very easy to maintain by Christian faith before I was willing to examine it critically."
The reason for maintaining any religious belief is neither pride nor ignorance. It is fear... fear of the finality of death and that, in the case of Christianity, the promised afterlife or "Heavenly Reward" is not really going to happen. Believers need to surround themselves with as many coreligionists and/or people who at least pay lip service to believing as they do as possible, since that is the only way they can be reassured that their beliefs are true. That also requires denigrating any ideas that are in conflict (i.e. Darwinism) with those beliefs. Hence, the car magnet proclaiming "I am not only a Believer, but I don't let silly science get in my way in believing."
I think this particular magnet is pretty clever, however.

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"Their faith seems to be fragile enough that it depends on others to a greater extent than it initially appears it should. It needs the shield provided by like-minded believers, and so they have the urge to gather.
Since Christianity promises a "Heavenly Reward" or afterlife of some kind to those who "believe", gathering together for prayer is essential for reassurance that one "has it right". The only way you can get this reassurance is by surrounding yourself with others who (claim to ) believe as you do. Under the present frightening reality of the pandemic, such reassurance must be even more desirable than usual.

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Futility aside, at least this behavior can be carried out without the "need" to gather and. thereby avoid worsening potential contamination of everyone else. As an Atheist, I have no problem in any observances a Believer may choose, as long as such behavior neither impinges on any of my personal rights nor requires me to modify my own public behavior. Unlike the danger to others that religious assembly causes during the present pandemic, individual prayer and fasting are unlikely to harm anyone but the Believer himself.

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Assembly of groups of people who then disperse into contact with numerous others who were not part of that assembly will inevitably worsen the spread of the COVID 19 Virus!
It is for the same reason that Trump tried mightily to ignore/downplay the current pandemic and its inevitable effect on the economy that many elected officeholders continue to support organized religion's right to assemble in spite of this warning. In both cases, elected officials dare not alienate what amounts to the majority of their "base" voters. Any reasonable thinker must recognize that we routinely prevent the assembly of subversive or hate groups, especially when such gatherings threaten the general public well-being. Under these circumstances, in which exercising our personal freedoms is often counterproductive to how many of us will survive this pandemic, it seems to me that "Do unto others" ought to apply in the decision making of both our elected officials and those people who claim to believe in the teachings of the major religions.

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It seems to me that this question would be moot, were it only about the meaning of the word Atheism. Without question, an etomologist would agree that the word means "absence of God belief". And, since a new born can be said to lack ANY belief at birth, all babies are, by definition, atheists. Belief in God, on the other hand, must be taught. Hardly anyone suddenly has a vision or stumbles upon a "Holy Book" and becomes a full grown "believer".
The idea that one must "reject" theism to be an Atheist derives from the fact that because we Humans seem to "need" God(s) (i.e every culture we know of has seen fit to create several deities over the millennia), the vast majority of us are inculcated in one or more of the "established: religions" from early childhood.
Atheism, by any definition, suffers from a lack of the group/family/tribal support that organized religion provides. Were it not for the societal pressures placed upon those of us who do not "believe" or belong to one of the dominant religions that still control much of modern society, the fine points of defining "Atheism" would be of no importance. It is because some of us feel the need to create a defined "group" under the banner of lack of God belief/rejection/Atheism that we are having this discussion at all.

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"...the sort of nonsense many religious leaders feed to their followers."

Since all religions derive from the human need for some means of control over and/or understanding of the frightening and often dangerous world in which we live, it is no surprise that people want to "return to the fold" in the face of the present world-wide pandemic. Not only are they afraid of the real possibilities of personal danger, but they must somehow reassure themselves that their chosen Deity is not visiting this means of punishment for all of our 'sins". At a time like this, reason/reality/atheism/humanism fall particularly short for some of us, inasmuch as they only provide understanding, but not any sense of "control" over events, as do religions in which one can at least pray or sacrifice to appease the Gods. At times like these, the religionist especially needs the reassurance that being surrounded by those who believes as he does that God "has a plan" and that his promised reward in Heaven has not been rescinded.
Unfortunately, as we see repeated over and over again, this need for "togetherness" is increasing the risks for all of us, especially for front-liners like Doctors and Nurses.

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If "selfishness" were the only issue here, the vast majority of people would be observing the measures recommended by Health care experts "religiously" (pardon the pun). SELFishness means doing those things that are most likely to produce a result beneficial or "good" for oneself or avoiding things that might produce "bad' results. It is clearly 'stupidity" or total lack of understanding of reality that causes behaviors that you have described above. Perhaps "thoughtless" is a better term here.
On the other hand, we often describe the expected behavior of people in leadership or "shepherding" of the public/religious group/nation as "selfless". i.e. We expect people in positions of power to be willing to subjugate their own well-being to the needs of those for whose welfare they have accepted responsibility. Need I say more about the "thoughtless" and obviously selfish behavior of many of our so-called leaders today?

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"To be more reasonable we must learn how to catch ourselves when we are under pressure and in the midst of a strong emotional reaction. "
The more frightened we are (i.e. responding to floods of adrenaline) the less we are able to apply reason. This is simply the well known biological "Fight or Flight" mechanism to which we are all subject whether we choose to admit it or not. Since strongly held opinions are often a defense against certain aspects of reality that we would much prefer were not true, it follows that "catching ourselves" in the midst of a stressful situation or debate is not only difficult, but unlikely to be something we want to do in any event. Notice the ongoing refusal of certain far righters to be willing to recognize the serious nature of the current COVID 19 pandemic.

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# 5:" Without (my preferred) god, people have no reason to be moral."
This viewpoint conveniently overlooks the real reason people choose to behave "morally". We become moral/civilized, ( ie: willing to delay or subjugate our own immediate gratification to the requirements or needs of a group) as we grow up. We come to realize that our parents will be nicer as we begin to "follow the rules". Thereafter, our ability to join or be allowed to remain in our tribe/religious group/political party/etc. is determined by how well we can (appear to) adhere to the requirements of such membership.
The only situation in which one could choose to be totally "immoral" without negative consequences to oneself would be if one was totally isolated from all other Human contact, in which case there are no group rules to adhere to.
The religionist needs reassurance that the promised avoidance of eternal damnation by "believing" and observance of "moral/religious" rules of behavior will be forthcoming. The existence of non-believers who are not covered in boils or struck down by the religionist's God of choice leads to all five of the "absurdities" you have mentioned above.