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Tagging on to agree with this comment (and the post itself). I can see where Smooth's approach would be useful and appreciated but a lot of the time I feel like...well, if Privileged Person doesn't care about my existence I don't really care about approaching him or her with an olive branch or anything. You just don't always feel like wasting time breaking down how something is racist or sexist or what have you, I've been on/seen both sides of that now so I think can feel it.

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Thank you for posting this. This is so blatantly offensive I can't even believe he went there. Ugh, it's embarrassing; I do like Conan but too often he gets away with shit like this (as well as repeated use of fatphobic punchlines). It just shows you can still get away with shaming and othering people for a quick laugh.

ETA: whoops sent too fast, I wanted to say that I agree with that last paragraph especially, it's pretty much what I think when I hear people cry "oh you're just too sensitive" and/or "you can't take a joke!" etc etc.

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Somewhere in between having the longest week ever I managed a post about the Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard pointing out one of the many ways it's looking really problematic, notably joking about hate crimes towards Asians. Because hate crimes bring the lulz I guess.

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What the fuck is "Not exactly Barack Obama" supposed to even mean? That one line of commentary managed to pack so much ignorance. Jesus, they were doing a dance act. Why can't a group of black transwomen represent America? I didn't even realize this was the point of America's Got Talent anyway. So many questions...the Diva League handled it really well with their final comment. Fucking ignorance.

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So many great birthdays this week. Happy birthday Mr President! (whoo leos) Also, thank you for further birther smacking-down.

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I've recently become addicted to McDonald's iced lattes (hazelnut thanks). I...I don't know. I don't even like coffee drinks. But I tried one out of curiosity one day and now I'm pretty willing to sell out my closest family member for 2.75 + tax. Just another step in Mickey D's diabolical plan. MAD THEY CALLED ME.

And ginger ale. And carbonated water. This is bad because my skin reacts horribly to carbonated drinks. And I think it's just a southern thing, but those damn Andy Capp fries. I thought I was going to go into withdrawal when I went off to school & thought I'd never see them again but Rite Aid became my willing enabler.

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Forgive any random run ons I make, but this post just spoke to me today...augh when I got my laptop for college last year I was over joyed! Finally my own possession! Until I started using the damn thing. It definitely took some getting used to. Everything is so...flat (and laptops are not made for laps at all) & I'm using Verizon broadband so I can't just hop on the internet whenever I please without some work (and using precious 5 GB). I thought I'd never get used to it but I agree that the portability is definitely a plus, I can carry it around everywhere and I feel strangely independent with it, as I've always had to share a desktop in my house. I think it'd be a great idea for you to have one as a back up.

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*makes sure no one is looking*

Eh, I chew dead skin, off just about any part of me, mostly fingers and toes. Sometimes because my boobs are fairly small I find myself just holding them or groping them for no reason when it's really hot or cold out--but if I'm not careful I'll find myself doing this in front of others. I OBSESS over pimples on my body & habitually pull out the tiny hairs on my elbow. And lastly, oh god did I ever used to pick scabs. Yeah that's enough, I'll just get my coat.

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Thanks to Alas I found this really great article on publisher Bloombury white washing book covers--and surprise surprise, other publishers do the same. I really hate book covers anyway, and if I can I usually immediately remove them, so this is something I've never even thought about. It's really great.

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The discussion of this incident virtually erases the actual pain that the victim is going through in order to paint the family as backward savages, who have steadfastly refused to accept enlightened American ideas of gender.

Thank you for this post, I think I saw a mention of this horrible story earlier but I only skimmed because the "family blames victim" headline told me all I needed to know--or I thought. I didn't know about the family being from Liberia. Unfortunately I can just see the news bowling over the victim to wave the finger at the foreigners *sigh* and I had no idea what to think about the family blaming the little girl but maybe there is a language barrier going on?

Also, I thought Everyday in the western world victim blaming occurs and it is rarely understood to be damaging. and everything following is a really good point that needs to be made :/