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Does his doctorate mean nothing to you?

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That main event was amazing! Seeing Ishii and Suzuki level eachother was breathtaking, the arena shook. ZSJ and Okada's exchanges were phenomenal too.
Also Walter's chops are the best ever. For me his match with Yuji Nagata was the runner up for match of the night but I suppose it depends on what you enjoy about wrestling.
Pop of the night was Osprey.
We met Kevin Kelly after the show too in the car park (same place we met Adam REDACTED from WCPW last year) and he was a super cool guy.

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I mean it's cool but THAT DON'T IMPRESS ME MUCH.

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Hi future me! How does 2019 look? Remember Wrestlemania? That sure was _____ (insert appropriate response) wasn't it. Anyway past me out.

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Somewhere Christopher Nowinski is celebrating live he's just won the world title

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Sudnay is the bets nay!

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Jesus Christ dude and I thought I over analysed things, judging by the above comments you ain't getting no simpy today. Take care in your time away from writing but I'm sure you'll be back, everyone comes back eventually. Enjoy your wrestling prelapse though, it's a shame to see you go as you usually make great points but if posting a piece about your forbidden love fruit is the best you can do in your current mindset then it's best you go.

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Steve Corino is a such a legend. Him vs Johnny Storm got me into watching Indy wrestling, he was our local champion in Norfolk for a few months and always put on stalward matches, I also bumped into him in Narita airport 😊 I know it's got nothing to do with The Hulkster I just never get to gush about Corino anymore.

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Big E in a Tuk Tuk looks comical!

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Whatculture did an entire video on Toots mondt, it's well worth a watch 😁