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Unbelievable! These morons can see that they screwed this up and they still want to stick to the "test"? NEWS FLASH!! Your plan is $hIt! Go mess with the people that don't have jobs or places to be. Maybe you should start down by the creek? Leave the productive citizens alone. Bikers, for the most part, in this town, are loudmouth crybabies. This wasn't as issue, and there was nothing wrong that needed to be right...sized. City Council, and especially their "staff" can't get real jobs, and this is a clear example of why. I realize they do, kinda, serve a legit purpose... but lets leave the important stuff to common sense. They can go spend more of their seemingly limitless money on cool art projects, or work to keep the buildings in town nice and low so we can all enjoy the view. I do love that picture they used though. Classic. City Council, you're a bunch of fools. #MakeAmericaGreatAgain! Hahahaha

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Drive that road between 8 and 9am. The stop and go traffic you see? That shouldn't be there. Moron.

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As a Folsom resident I can tell you that the traffic has gotten WAY worse, and the number of cars on that stretch have gone WAY down. Where did they go? They are crisscrossing the neighborhoods. Traffic on 19th has gotten bad, you know the 4-way stop I'm talking about. Getting on to Folsom now takes 3-4 minutes or at least two cycles of a light if you're on Pine.

The program is a joke. Take it down. The City really botches this. I love that their solution is that they have to communicate better. I can see them now, saying, "if we just talk slowly they'll understand"... They really do think they are smarter than everyone else. Pathetic.

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Why don't we just let them loot and shoot themselves back to the good ol days?

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There are places up there where you won't see another person for days.... Definitely some remote areas in Boulder County.

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You're an idiot. People don't live and work in parks. Moron

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the fact that you hang out on the discussion board all day, and commute at 9:10am leads me to believe that your contribution to society is fairly minimal.

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Go down there and see how much of a Cluster F*ck this already is. Too bad all those nice houses on Mapleton are the ones that are going to pay the price for this. I have been enjoying driving in the bike lane while all the sheep stick to the single lane. Haven't seen more than a bike or two yet.

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The Boulder rage is real! Dumb old bastard

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Based on the other headlines, maybe it should be renamed "Boulder Brands on the Rocks" and then cancel it indefinitely?