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Very good article regulator and lots to take into consideration. One area that I fear people don't think about much is keeping textbooks on hand. This is one reason I have kept all my college textbooks as well as gathering new ones. If the grid is down it will be neccessary to have some sort of referance for rebuildig as well as teaching others.

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Another great article from the members at SC. I think that this a very important topic that I hope many kids get involved in. The only I would add is to make sure to stock a little more than usual because in your teenage years you are growing and developing and need much more food than an adult.

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Good article and video. When I was buying some energy bars i found a lot of negative comments about this particular brand so I went for the mayday brand instead. I'm looking at opening one of them this week to try them out. Good to know that these are decent and will have to add them to the list.............its a good thing the bars didn't make him gag on camera...though it would have been good entertainment

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Very well written and a good reminder for gun owners. Obviously you have to pick and choose what guns you are going to protect because gun case can rival the cost of a new gun and I'm just not going to spend that kind of money on a case. For instance, my hunting shotguns with no scope pretty much just get a cased sleeve. It gets carried in the field, dropped in the mud, rained on, etc so there really isn't a point in buying a expenxice case for it. I know this is different story for rifles with scopes but I have none of those. Obviously if you can afford some of these very expensive rifles and other guns than you shouldn't have a problem obtaining a good case.

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So true Emory, not putting down college and higher learning but you could learn more in a few hours of listening to our living history teachers than in a lifetime of sitting at a desk.

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Basically homesteading 101! Good article Regulator. Sometimes we get so caught up in the more violent/"exciting" aspect of survival and forget about the rebuilding and living day to day aspect. To any boday who lives int he country or has a bit of land I definitly reccommend practicing all these trades along side your modern way of livling. I know if I had the space I would. Not only is it good practice for if you need it someday but it really gives you an appreciation for everything that you have once you understand the work involved in certain tasks.

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I know alot of people say that as a joke but I would never do that because of the respect I have for those documents and the men that wrote them...the only ones who have are wiping with them are government officials

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I would also include these items. However, as much as it may upset you in certain situations none of these will be followed and it could be every man for himself

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I do agree with you somewhat on the information on this site, however something that I really like about survivalcache is the diversity in their topics.

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I completely agree with Tony on this. Yes you are right Steve that if it is truely TEOTWAWKI (world wide) than these documents don't really matter much, because society would most likely take longer to rebuild past your lifetime. However, like Tony pointed out if a 9/11 type event happened locally or even nation wide than you can grab the binder and have all your important information available if you have to leave your town, state or country. I'm sure if you were trying to get into another country than all this information would be important to the country you are trying to enter. Plus, it good to have information just for the purpose of your family knowing these things.