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"When playing this role, black conservatives spit in the faces of the thousands (if not millions) of African Americans who struggled and died for the freedom and full citizenship of all people.”

I would imagine that voting for the party of the Klan, slavery and segregation not only spits in their faces but urinates on them as well.

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Sorry. Gov. Scott upheld the wishes of Florida voters who spurned this attempt at high speed collectivism long ago. Further, this had absolutely nothing to do with helping Florida transportation. If it were, we would have been allowed to do what we wanted with the money. No, it was high speed pork, bribe money for Obama's reelection. It was his way or the highway.

And the fact that Bill Nelson couldn't put together a plan to save it should tell you something. Nobody wanted to touch it. That and the fact that nobody's jumping at the chance to build it themselves.

BTW, didn't the state unemployment rate go down? Corrine "You all look alike to me" Brown should suck on that one.

"The history of transportation shows that we adopt new technologies when they are faster, more convenient, and less expensive than the technologies they replace. High-speed rail is slower than flying, less convenient than driving, and far more expensive than either one. As a result, it will never serve more than a few marginal travelers." - Randal O'Toole

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What method was used to make this determination and who made it? I think you'll be disappointed to find out.

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"Homosexuals commit more than 33% of all reported child molestations in the United States, "

Doesn't it follow, then, (if true) that means the other 77% are committed by heterosexuals?

And what's the percentage of AFA members that have an unhealthy obsession with gays?

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It's great that you write of liberty and freedom, but it's disappointing when you undermine that with the unspoken caveat "(but only for certain people we like)". About 30% of gays voted Republican in the last election. You (and I'm not singling out Mr. Brown, here) could have so many more standing with you for liberty, freedom, fair taxes, strong national security, fiscal responsibility etc., but you're so hung up on what folks do in their private lives. You could have so many more people willing to fight with you.

Most of us want exactly what I listed above. Conservatism is good for gays. Not all gays go to the bars, not all of us go to the parades, not all of us vote democreep, not all of us support ENDA (thought crimes) and most of us would accept a civil union that protects marriage. The reality is that we're not all pushing any "gay lifestyle" (whatever the hell that is). Most of us just want to live in piece in the greatest country in the world and help to maintain it, and if we help to raise the property values, so much the better.

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"There are gay conservatives who actually oppose the mainstreaming of homosexual behavior."

That would be most of us. Most of us favored repeal of DADT, but didn't think now was the right time to do it. I know one fellow commenting at, who (I think) is currently serving. He was opposed to repeal and argued that it would actually make things worse for gay soldiers.

I believe GOProud supports gay marriage, but I really can't say what their exact position is. Most of us are opposed to government being involved at all. Many of us are fine with calling it "Civil Unions" as long as we have the same legal benefits and what not.

The most important thing we're focusing on is economic issues. Most of us believe that social issues should be on the back burner right now. I recommend checking the GayPatriot blog if you want to know more. We don't discuss sex over there, so don't worry about that. Well, maybe the occasional innuendo for humor, but that's about it.

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Huh. I wouldn't have thought that Democrats would let blacks join their Klan. How the battered wives of the gay left support the party of Rev. Phelps is baffling.

Why White Supremacists Support Barack Obama

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The point, though, is to demonstrate that not all gays are liberals and that if you are gay, you don't have to be a liberal. We are conservatives who just happen to be gay.

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For mine own part, my parents are still together 44 years on.