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Having another airport is a very good idea, and I live next to Paine Field.
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Thats right blame it all on NBC. We have known that from the beggining. Not too hard to understand or figure out. Whoever comes, stays or goes from the Tonight Show, we as the audience, will have to deal with it.
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My God, let him keep his hair till it get long enough for him to donate it. The school should be backing him up for this and praising him. Not cutting him down and suspending him. Either way the school is getting plenty of attension now. This is absurd.
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About time, Who do you think they will hire in replacement? Dungy, Gruden, Zorn, How about asking Boomer? Thats a long shot I know. Whoever it is, it will be better.......I hope..............ug
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I love watching Jay......Jay Walking is one of my favorites, not to mention Headlines.
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I bet everyone feels alot safer now.......................NOT.....It will happen again once they find another glitch in our system, sorry to say.... until then.
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Maybe they were tainted nutshells? It was probably some kids playing around like pirates...
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Randy your Fans will miss you, Congratulations on your 22 MLB Season career. You have deserved it. Thank you!!

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It's long overdue. Bring it on. Stop complaining, I see more good, than bad here, and I live right down the street from Paine Field.
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They should have got more time. If you ask me, they got sentenced today then they should start serving there time today. Why wait till after Christmas? Not right.....Sorry but the whole justice system is still FUBAR...............................
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year......................
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