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We will be made irrelevant by congress and the main stream media. We will be characterized and labeled into extremist groups. They will work every way they can to destroy us. We must be strong and vigilant.

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This is a prime example on why we must speak measured. If we let our anger and emotions roar out too much it makes us look crazy. We have to take a breath and be ready to say what we need to say. The guy was starting to make a good point but CNN doesn't care what you have to say, so if you must speak, make it completely sensible and un-attackable. If you make signs, make them peaceable, and not attacking either side. We must stay as centered as possible.

He should have said it's not just about taxes it about government spending, government interventions, indebting our children for eternity, and these people are starting to getting frustrated, not angry, because no one from our government is listening and our media makes us irrelevant.

We always get caught up and say "I should have said that!" That is why it is important to always be pre-pared, speak measured, and speak the truth.

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Isn't Columbus, Ohio very Liberal? I wouldn't worry too much about the main stream media, they are being controlled, we can't do anything there for new, but later maybe we can. If your local news doesn't cover it at all, you need to hold them accountable. That goes for everyone, if your local media did not cover the Tea Party, you need to call them up and demand a follow up or demand reasoning behind why they did not cover it.

I e-mailed one of my local stations just to make sure they would cover it and I think alot of others did the same because they put a reporter on scene in the morning and it has been reported on every hour of broadcasting.

We must start small, start locally, and slowly move our way up.

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Here is my Vent today,


France killed the pirates who hijacked one of their vessels.

If we negotiate with these pirates and give them money or a reward for their efforts we will see a continuous piracy effort against our flag ships. If we continue to do nothing the problem will get worse and we may never see the captain again.

We always took a non-negotiation policy for airline hijackers because we knew that if we negotiated with airline hijackers it would encourage more and more hijackings.

I feel like this hijacking makes us look like the dumbest country out there right now. We gave back their guy for our guy and they kept their guy and didn't give back our guy. We even gave them food and supplies! WHY?! What is happening to us? Our military needs to take action. They really act like they serve the president and not the nation.

The actions that have happened over the past months are really weakening our image. It is going to get really bad, really fast.

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Yes, I think a link up top to a forum which divides by state and then even local area for people just to post to each other locally would be great. This would help people discuss what is going on in their local communities, help organize more groups locally and it would grow from there. Also, a search engine on each forum would be a good addition to look for specific topics.

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Don't back away and do nothing, but back away to avoid them and continue in the central pathway, not moving right or left. If we must respond, respond peacefully, with love, and if they turn to aggression and/or yell over us, so be it, they only hurt themselves. And then we continue, pushing forward through the center. Never let them make you do nothing. We'll always be persecuted for doing the right thing, but don't let that stop you from doing the right thing by doing nothing or resorting to a violent action.

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1. Stay away from socialistic laws and policies, return to founding principles. Our country is not governed by foreign countries.

2. Supply all of our own energy; Let the States set regulations on their land, and the fed for regulations off the coast.

3. Stop Spending, Get us out of Debt; Balanced Budget After.

4. Eliminate Political Party System; it will force us to look at each candidate for who they are, not who they are with.

5. Illegal Immigration

6. Salaries and Benefits need to change. Salaries are paid by the state, capped by the average wage the people make in their state, insurance can be handled by the state just the way any American employer handles insurance. The President's salary is capped by the average wage the people make, benefits that are needed to be healthy and do a good job are paid by tax dollars that are set aside in a budget.

7. Start Flat Tax