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Just yank her out of her seat. It was a rotten deal at the very beginning - we knew that when Obama
wanted her. He only does anything/everything to boost himself or for his benefit. Look at all the constant
campaigning we have been paying for! That's OUR money he is wasting, folks.

I say shut the government down. Impeach him. Send him to Kenya. Just get him out. We have to
SAVE America. We can't wait until November 2012.

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I was thinking he was bought and paid for by Muslims - to do his jihad on America.
But, a lot of other ideas here. At any rate, we just gotta get rid of him in 2012. Else, America
is lost.

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I wish Texas Gov Rick Perry would run for president.
He'd do the best job of getting this once great country back on track.
And, I mean take Obama's place. He'd try to get rid of the illegals, I'll bet.

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One less vote for Obama...............sound cruel? Meant to be. The crime.
All illegals must be rounded up and send back. Three other presidents did it. But Obama will not.
We have an immigration system; my father, my maternal grandparents came the legal way in
1925 and 1899. Learned English, worked, built homes. It must be that way today.
Thanks to Obama, America is going down the tube; the way he wants it.

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My mother taught school for 33 years - she would be appalled at the teacher's union - she was totally
against the NEA as it was called in Washington State. Unions are NOT needed anymore it; it's totally
money for greed. And, Obama's destruction of America.
People have to see the light, and understand the damage he is doing to America. Wake up America.
He does not care about our Constitution nor about our Bill of Rights. He is a traitor to the United States
of America.

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Totally agree!!!! Unions are no longer needed here in America. Workers do not benefit. Greed at the top.
And, bye bye Biden, but Obama HAS to go - and both their pensions!
How can we get this done? We have to clean 'house'. Else America is lost.
With these two bozos in the Whitehouse, it does not really feel like the 4th of July. In my heart, yes!
I love America - my mother was first generation Swedish and my father came to the USA in 1925 from
Switzeland. Proud to be here, got jobs, learned English, got citizenship, and proudly displayed our flag.

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We can all vent here, but it will take a bunch of courageous souls to get him out. ASAP

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Yes, all correct. We HAVE to kick him out - impeachment must begin ASAP.

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What is it going to take to get the would-be-king and his czars out of OUR Whitehouse?
Do we have to all march on Washington?
First, make sure he's not flying around somewhere spewing his babble.
Maybe next year we all pay NO taxes?

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Wait a minute - what about all the uninformed uneducated people who voted for him?
How many of those have regrets?
Yes, he should be impeached! He is a traitor. He shows it every day.