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I checked it out with a former SEAL who still has contacts in the community, and a former member of Army special forces. The truth about the mission is all over the special forces community. Obama is a lying POS Marxist Muslim. If you believe anything that comes out of his mouth, you're delusional.


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If the alleged purpose of the Anti-Trust laws is to prevent "unfair" competition, how could the Obama administration win the suit against the AT&T & T-Mobile merger on the grounds as stated?


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It was, & it was certainly one of the highlights of my early years.. I was a teenager, still in college at the time. Nathaniel Branden gave a 20 lecture series called "Basic Principles of Objectivism". Ms Rand took part in the Q&A at the end of each lecture, which was always fabulous. She also gave one or two of the lectures themselves. A recording of the series is still available at:

I remember the day when she passed away...

It was the day that I first began to really loathe the NY Times. John Belushi died on the same day, and it was front page news, above the fold. Her passing was noted in a small piece on the bottom of page 26 or so...


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Rand wasn't against altruism so much as she was against anyone making it the primary purpose of their life. She had no problem with people giving away part of their wealth to causes they believed in, but she was most definitely against government do-gooders taking people's money & deciding where it should be distributed...

Of course she understood that all they were really doing was buying votes...


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Coal doesn't kill anyone from heavy metal poisoning.. don't be absurd.

A more accurate comparison however would be equating the wind subsidy with a BETA tape subsidy...

VHS is still used by many people...


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The author's characterization of Ayn Rand as being dark and dour is totally inaccurate. I had the good fortune to have met her and talked to her on numerous occasions in the early 1960's, and found her to be warm and engaging. To be sure, she didn't suffer fools, but when dealing with bright people who wanted to learn more about Objectivism, she was quite charming and oftentimes quite amusing as well.

In saying that he admires her economic principles but doesn't like her philosophy, Ryan is merely pandering to the religious right. Ryan is wrong when he characterizes Objectivism as an atheistic philosophy. Objectivism is a philosophy based on reason and individual rights. It's primary value is individual freedom, and the natural right that every man has to keep the fruits of his labors. The fact that Rand was an atheist herself, doesn't mean that her beginning premise was the idea that there's no such thing as God from which all of the rest flows. Her beginning premise was Aristotle's rules of logic & reason. Everything followed from "A is A"

The left's hatred of her isn't irrational, as the previous commenter claims. Since her work first became popular, there have been many on the left who, while never really understanding her, were just smart enough to get the fact that Rand was their arch-enemy. Their visceral hatred of her led to criticism of her based on some pretty absurd claims. Most common when I was in school in the 60's was the claim that she was a fascist. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Ayn Rand's philosophy demonstrates that all of the "rights" of free men, that conservatives say are a gift from God, can also be derived from looking at the world through the lens of pure reason as well. Capitalism is Rand's moral ideal, not because God says so, but because it makes sense, and because it works. No other rational system exists.


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The author writes:

"Soros and progressives all across the fruited plain believe with a religious fervor that right-leaning secretaries of state helped the GOP supposedly steal the presidential elections in Florida in 2000 (Katherine Harris) and in Ohio in 2004 (Ken Blackwell)."

I disagree. They're just lying about this, the way they do about everything else.

A central part of the far left / progressive strategy is to accuse the right of doing anything sleazy or dishonest that they are about to do, before they even do it. By doing this, they put their opposition on the defensive right away, so that when caught cheating, they always have the same canned response, ready to go.. They pretend that they're surprised that anyone is pointing a finger at them, because it's a well known fact that the other guys are the ones guilty of doing that....

It's the big lie squared.... And it appears that a huge segment of the American public simply isn't smart enough to see through their BS. Their entire campaign is based on a foundation of big lies...

The first is that they're even trying to improve the American economy, when it's obvious that they're deliberately destroying it directly from the Alinsky / Cloward - Piven playbook.

The second is that they inherited this big mess from Bush. They didn't. They inherited it from Clinton, in the same way that Bush inherited 9-11 from Clinton, due to his cuts to the military, and his cowardly impersonation of a commander in chief.

The economic collapse is a direct result of the collapse of the real estate market, which was directly caused by Carter's "Community Reinvestment Act, (CRA) which Clinton beefed up and made substantially worse.

To make matters worse, the powers that be in the GOP are too cowardly to impeach Obama, which makes them co-conspirators with the progressive left. Tom Tancredo wrote an excellent piece about this recently that everyone should read:


If we don't have the courage and convictions to get rid of Obama now, it's hard to see why we even deserve to survive. we brought this upon ourselves, & we have to fix it ourselves.

Atlas isn't going to Shrug on his own. We're the ones who have to make it happen.


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You're no Gene Kelly, & I don't want you to fall & hurt yourself...


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I hope this is over too....


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Hear hear !