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I feel like Rarity's talent isn't even so much design as it is finding in inner beauty of things/bringing the best out in others/things. But I'm a big Rarity fan soooo maybe I'm biased, but her talent is not sewing/design, though those talents do play into hers :b

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I want to steal the place of Episode Follow-up person. But I'd spend too much time trying to be a hecka witty.

I really like episodes that delve into the ponies fears. AppleBloom is so afraid of what shes going to become but its never been portrayed quite like this.

Also; Speculation time

I feel like SweetieBelle's nightmare may have something to do with something she may have to face. I mean we all know shes got a beautiful singing voice, maybe Rarity or her Parents enrolled her into a competition and *maybe* she will have an episode about that(No doubt where Bloom 'n Scoots amp up her insecurities but she over comes them and maybe cutiemarking occurs? :0 I am hoping for this. This is what I want. I want them to have their cutiemarks, but I know the writers are probably doing the thing where they stay like this to be better relatable to kids who are also trying to find out who they are. :I (Like the ash ketchum thing thang. Eternal child, doesn't reach the top to teach the young'uns that winning isn't everything blehblahblu.)

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I'd forgive Luna for being bland; in all fairness she spent 1000 years in exile/ the torment of alter ego.

I don't worship either "god" princess, so Luna&Celestia; and while I do think Luna is very reserved, quiet, and ... I guess straight forward/bland about her dream appearances, I'd like to entertain that she may be in a state of supreme calm because shes in someone else's dreams. I would like to see her more personal; but if I were to look at Luna as ... well a person instead of just simply a character whose been written the way she is, in my mind, I'd see her as trying to emulate the serenity of her sister. Additionally she may be so calm and "bland" because shes dealing with nightmares, You can't be jarring with a person when they are having nightmares/sleep walking, so I would hope someone who can infiltrate dreams would care to the afflicted in a calm, and restraining way. :b

THough I do agree; my favourite instance of Luna was Luna Eclipsed where she was very personable, I think in terms of dreamwork she was most personal with SweetieBelle. Her time with Scoots & AppleBloom were er, a little too placid. But I mean, I can forgive. The writing isn't awful by any stretch. Outside of the mane 6 we only know so much about the princesses personalities, everythings (Mostly, like halfsies?) fanon with them. :b

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What can y'do, eh?

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Naz is so bloody talented with her plushies! One day I'll commission a Rarity and my stupid bat OC :000

when I'm rich and able, that is. ;___:

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I have a miniature horse that is smaller than that :I
Ponies can actually be any size as long as it is under 14 Hands(Under ~ 4 Feet at the withers(shoulders)) ;3
I've had horses and ponies all my life, the largest horse I've ever had was 19hands, the shortest is Tia(Whose fifteen now), the miniature horse, who is barely two and a half feet tall.
and We had ponies ranging from "Bigger than Tia" to "How are you not a horse"?

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I don't think thats a fair assumption.
Lots of adults go to Disney and Pixar films in theatre, but I would never say "Adults go to the thing, so.. your kids they just can't(or shouldn't)"
I mean, thats what I'm getting from your comment. A fandoms interest in subject matter should not ruin it for other patrons.

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Treecko uvu we went places in rse

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Dolly parton pony has amazing hair *u*