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heeee by 'good' he means when did it stop being about dc gossip and starting being about nearly incomprehensible Marxist wordvomit by Ken Layne...

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Ugh, I generally love your writing, Mr. Layne, and I don't deny that there should be more acknowledgment of raised levels of radiation in the states. But your chosen method, which is neither factual or humorous, is just fearmongering of GWB levels. Also really, you're just going to stick in that random specious parenthetical about WWII? Man, in this blog I expect at a minimum humor or truth. When it lacks either it just comes off as shrill paranoid BS.

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Consider the human body as a 'marketplace', and cells as 'ideas'. Cancer cells are just the best capitalists, by growing the economy and defeating the competition, and any attempts to regulate this marketplace of ideas is socialism. Even if it ends up killing the markets. We can always just blame that on the melanocytes, AMIRITE?

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God damn you Zuckerberg you Islamicist! Stop terrorizing Lou Sarah with your Shariah Lawz!

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God, and then Tony Danza died the quickest smoking-related death ever.

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This is the dumbest shit

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Of course, I feel the same way about Sara, so... yeah...

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Oh lord, I would let Reggie Love do whatever way he wanted to with me (hopefully that would be throwing me over Bam Bam's desk and filling me with his 'love'...)

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But he explicitly stands by his racist 'screed'! What the hell, Wonkette? Don't stop now, keep scaremongering until he loves all of the Messicans!

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Oh my fucking Jesus, you could be influencing the ONE MOTHERFUCKER in the whole country into bringing equality to gays and lesbians everywhere, and the only thing stopping you is 'disrespect'? I WANT TO GET MARRIED, JEAN, AND I DON'T CARE IF THAT MEANS YOUR RETARD COUSIN GETS A LITTLE EMBARRASSED IN THE FUCKING PROCESS.