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Except in every instance, his first instict is to blame America. Probably got him good grades at Columbia and Harvard, but in the real world, it doesn't seem to be quite as effective.

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It's statements like this that make me concerned for the man's mental health. I truly think that he's lost his mind, and everyone in his inner circle is too afraid of losing their hold on power to get him the help he needs.

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Nah, they've taught them Chil'rens that the shovel is an instrument of opression! It's what ebil republicans want to use to build moats to keep the noble third worlder's out of this country. It's what evil repubs used to build concentration camps in Cuba to enslave our freedom fighter brothers from Afghanistan. It's used to force the black man to dig ditches so that whitey can lay down sewer pipe so that his own shall we say excrement won't stink. It's what evil capitalists use to keep the working class sweating 10 hours a day to make ebil profit for the man.

Instrument of opression! It must burn!

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Nah, then she'd stay in Los Angeles permanently, while still drawing salary.

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So stealing money from the productive to give to the unproductive is stimulus? Wow, the fact that she can say that with a straight face means she is a clossal imbecile or a pathological liar.

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Oh, look, another future Obama 2012 bundler.

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Since the only reason we ended up bombing Gaddafi ,er, assisting the noble freedom fighters in Libya was because of fears that European oil supplies would be cut off, may we now bomb the hell out of Iran, please?

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Obama has a plan to deal with America - cut it down to size. Criple it financially and militarily and then leave to the accolades of our enemies.

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October surprise, here we come. Bomb the hell out of Iran and then say, "It was all Bushes fault."

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No matter how simply you lay it out, the repubs will screw it up. Look what's happening with this stupid payroll tax extension. Look what's happening with Boehner's trying to mute the Fast and Furious investigation. Look at what the repubs are doing about the religion of Global Warming, er, climate change. Look at the muted response to 1,000 days without a budget because of Harry Reid.