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I have rarely commented here, but this community has meant so much to me. the delight in niches I never knew I needed, the vulnerable and powerful stories shared so bravely, and the gentle misandry. the most enjoyable comments section on the Internet—like the best house party filled with only the kindest, wisest, and most interesting people having interesting conversations about interesting things. .

when I started reading The Toast, I knew very little about feminism, had never given art history a second thought, and was struggling with reconciling my faith with the dim understanding that queer people deserved love and happiness too. now I know a little more about a lot of things, thanks to all of you, and I'm working on helping my family understand that I'm chill with dudes and ladies. even for a lurker, this place has made me better.

thank you Nicole, Nicole, and Mallory, and to all those who've helped create this space together.

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To Cleverly Subvert The Will Of The Bene Gesserit And Bring Forth The Kwisatz Haderach A Generation Early, concentrate deeply on the eleventh day of your cycle and visualize maleness.

I was going to make a Dune joke but then I remembered that that dullard Duncan Idaho is apparently the ultimate Kwisatz Haderach and I just lost all will to live

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Happy birthday, The Toast! Thanks, Nicole and Mallory (ETA AND NICK AND MARIA OOPS), for creating such a fantastic space and running content I never knew I needed. And to the Toasties-- I lurk more often than I comment, but you are the only comments section I look forward to reading.

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sorry new temple who is this

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"Please, describe Michael Fassbender right now":

Young Christopher Plummer. Smaller nose. Terrifying grin. BAM. Fassbender.

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The first book was definitely the best; I think I reread it twenty times. Then I discovered one of my parents' friends had an entire bookshelf full of The Boxcar Children books. I worked my way through them rapidly one summer and longed, LONGED to have my own boxcar in the backyard and to run about solving mysteries and having gentle fun adventures alongside genial siblings, with only occasional appearances by benevolent adults. I read several of the Mary Poppins books and while I enjoyed the setting, she was an almost terrifying figure. Given the choice at that age, I would rather have lived in the Aldens' world than the Banks'.

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I have read another theory that Mary Poppins is a Time Lord, but amoral trickster seems a more accurate fit!

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today on "Monty Python or real life"

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"She just wears giant hats and gets to live wherever she wants and never has to, like, walk home and then pay a bill and then fall asleep watching The Simpsons on her laptop. Her life’s aces."

Where in the world is this life and how do I get it for myself

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Absolutely! I believe Miesha Tate is the only fighter who's ever lasted more than one round with her. What I wouldn't give to see Rousey fight Cyborg Santos.