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290 weeks ago @ The Malaysian Insider - Freedom of expression ... · 0 replies · +9 points

Religion has all along been a contentious issue and so many wars have been fought because of it. And where's the problem? Mostly it has to do with beliefs in doctrines and scriptures. Those belonging to opposing views become opponents and so they go to war hoping for victory. That's the irony of it all because religion is supposed to bond societies and not divide, overpower and conquer.

Imagine killing others who just happen to have a different way of life. Imagine what could happen if religion can be incorporated and traded on stock exchanges. And though they fear God they still impose on him by dragging him into their killings.

Thank God I don't have a religion !!

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This is unbelievable. He just took up the job and already an expert in their business affairs and up to mark to debate with a politician. I am simpler. All I want to know is how much they are paying their janitors.

290 weeks ago @ The Malaysian Insider - Kit Siang fires NSC ov... · 2 replies · -20 points

It's DAPs job to criticize and in fact they seem to have taken it as a vocation too. So whether there are floods, hurricanes or earthquakes or sedition arrests, they will criticize. In so far as issues go it would be like a kid in a candy store because the quality of our politics is so low.

Look at Pakatan. They are rife with nepotism and yet they are offering themselves to us as a viable alternative to the "Janji DiTepati" fellas. That is dodgy.

290 weeks ago @ The Malaysian Insider - Razak wanted socialist... · 0 replies · +14 points

Razak this and Razak that. I can tell you that in Malaysian politics the right hand never knows what the left hand is doing !! So all this is irrelevant.

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You asking them to cut back on prices and profits? Of course they are not interested. It was bad enough when they resorted to compelling us towards self-service without price reduction. Next they might even want us to pay for pump operating charges because the compressors need to run. Who knows?

290 weeks ago @ The Malaysian Insider - I’m not bothered... · 0 replies · +5 points

Freedom of expression? If only we had that when he was "The Man" !!

290 weeks ago @ The Malaysian Insider - Now, Dr M wants to kno... · 0 replies · +104 points

It could well have been moved to the British Virgin Islands.

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Air travel is the safest mode of transport. It's even safer then crossing the street at a zebra crossing. Malaysia like Sri Lanka and Pakistan have among the most dangerous roads in terms of accident rates. The best drivers in all of the 11-Nation ASEAN are in Singapore.

I would fly any day and try as much as possible not to be a pedestrian, cyclist or motorcyclist in my country. If possible, I'll drive a truck so that no bullies mess with me.

290 weeks ago @ The Malaysian Insider - Moderation is about fi... · 0 replies · +5 points

Moderation? Ha...ha...ha... I recently inquired about the definition of extremism and readers didn't like it. These people already feel and think they are moderates. The problem is there is no measuring scale or gadget to measure moderation or extremism. So what exactly is moderation? Moderators I know because they frequently ban my comments.

Malaysians seem to be getting more and more puritanical. Just look at recent developments and just lately the K-Pop fiasco. Even Allah has been dragged to court to serve as an object in your squabbles. So what can you expect from the administration who allowed things to get to this level? All they will do is come up with some songs and play them incessantly just to be seen that they are doing something.

We are a society that pride ourselves with progress and modernity yet our mindsets are rudimentary. Our primordial instincts that still prevail is hypocrisy and avarice. We are still entrapped in the herd mentality. We still believe in a pantheon of "hantus" and consult shamans though our religion prohibits it.

So much for moderation!

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The physically-challenged don't travel much. That seems obvious and obvious enough why the free passports. Thanks to our former former PM that RM 50 passports soared to RM 300 and what we pay for our national car was what others pay for a Beemer abroad.

But this is not a good move as more people will travel and bring along more of our weakening Ringgit to spend abroad. This will adversely affect our balance of payment. Instead of shopping here more Malaysians would be shopping in Dubai and Hong Kong. Traders lose out on revenue too. Plus passport revenues for the govt would diminish. So frankly, I am baffled and don't quite understand the rationale behind this move - especially at a time when the govt already has less money.