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I bet her parents are proud of her! I know I would be.

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What a heart warming story. Glad Ferris is home safe and sound thanks to the good samaritan!

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I think there is a better word for what they are doing than "media Blitz" I felt like I was being harassed by all the ads. If this is what is to come, then I am going to miss the old DHC. I have Direct TV and it has gotten to the point where I am ready to shut it off as most of the really good channels that I liked are gone!

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actually I think the society that we want to live in would not be one where you have to lock your doors. You would not have to be afraid to walk down the street, go jogging or do your job. But saddly I think those days are gone. At least angryseattlite has the right idea of killing the bad guys.

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I would be so embarrassed to be a mother to either of these pathedic little monsters.

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Krissa, if you read this, know that some stranger that does not know you is grateful that you were not hurt.
Buy a lotto ticket and enjoy the New Year!!

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a child abducted by a mother that is strung out on drugs is in danger!! People on drugs have killed their own kids in car accidents and I am sure there are other things like getting the kids hooked on drugs too.
This mother was a known drug user.

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What difference does it make if it is family or stranger? A shilds safety is what is important. A mother on drugs is just as dangerous as a stranger, just in other ways.

I would be willing to bet if it was your chicld/grandchild you would want an Amber Alert out there for your child. By the way, I know a gal that was coming down from meth and hit a truck killing her two
year old child. It still bothers me to this day, I knew it was going to happen sooner or later.

Thankfully this child has been found and is safely home with his grandkids.

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I have a question for all of those that think one joint can not affect you after 3 hours? Are all joints equal?
Is all marijuana equal? I know the answer to those two questions are "NO" or maybe "absolutely not"
I have never seen anyone get the scales out and measure an exact amount into their paper, And from the
days that I did smoke and hung around people that did, I found that depending on where the marijuana was
from it could be enough to give you a good buzz or knock your socks off. I have smoked enough that it made
me very sleepy for about 8 hours after. I do not smoke now but I always wish it was legal when I get headaches.

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Thank God this creep has been arrested and hopefully there are no victems again from him.